Instrument Operation Team

Apart from the individual email addresses given below the SPHERE IOT can be reached best via the generic SPHERE email account

IOT members

Paranal Name(s) Email(s)
Instrument Scientist
Zahed Wahhaj, reads
Deputy Instrument Scientist

Matias Jones

Robert De Rosa

(former) Florian Rodler

Instrument Fellow Rob van Holstein
Instrument TIO Benjamin Courtney-Barrer
Instrument Responsible (MCO)


Javier Valenzuela



Leonardo Blanco

Eduardo Garces

Instrument Software Responsible


Eduardo Peña

Claudio Reinero


System Engineer



AO System Engineer



Gérard Zins

Johan Kolb (AOSE)

User Support Scientists Henri Boffin

Mario van den Anker

Carlo Manara

Monika Petr-Gotzens

Quality Control Scientist Wolfgang Hummel

Science Data Products Responsible

Sabine Möhler
Science Data Products Fellow
Pipeline Responsible Nuria Lorente

Exposure Time Calculator Responsibles



Jakob Vinter

(former) Gurvan Bazin


Project Scientist Ralf Siebenmorgen
Project Manager (Invited) Markus Kasper

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