Instrument Operation Team

IOT members

Paranal Name Email
Instrument Scientist Robert De Rosa
  Zahed Wahhaj
Instrument Fellow Michaël Marsset
  Thomas Wevers
  Marco Berton
  Francisco Nogueras
--- The above frequently read: ERIS Paranal
Instrument Responsible Laurent Pallanca
Instrument Software Responsible Eduardo Peña
Project Manager Andreas Glindemann
Project Scientist Harald Kuntschner
Project System Engineer Angela Cortes
User Support Scientist Lowell Tacconi-Garman
  Monika Petr-Gotzens
--- The above frequently read: ERIS USD
Quality Control Scientist Isabelle Percheron
--- The above frequently read: ERIS QC
Pipeline Responsible Andrea Modigliani
  Mark Neeser
Exposure Time Calculator Jakob Vinther

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