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These pages are aimed at ESO community astronomers and contain all the information required in order to prepare, execute, process and exploit observations with ESO facilities. They also provide information on the scientific activities taking place at ESO. Details can be accessed via the navigation menu.

ESO Science Announcements

Memorial Symposium to Honor Riccardo Giacconi - Presentations Posted

Published: 28 Oct 2020

The Space Telescope Science Institute, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, the Johns Hopkins University, European Southern Observatory, and Associated Universities, Inc. organized a Memorial Symposium to celebrate the life and work of our late friend and colleague Riccardo Giacconi. The Symposium was held in Washington, DC at the National Academy of Sciences on 29-30 May 2019. Presentations from the Symposium are now posted.

Virtual Guided Tour for Potential ESO Studentship Candidates

Published: 27 Oct 2020

ESO is organising a virtual guided tour of the ESO sites to facilitate the interaction between recent ESO students in Chile and Germany and candidates interested in applying to the currently open programme. If you are considering applying for a studentship, ESO invites you to attend the tour on 5 November 2020, 14:00 CEST/10:00 CLT to discover the sites and learn more about the life of students at ESO, tips for your application or ask any other questions you might have. 

Operations of the Wide Field NIR Camera VIRCAM on VISTA to Continue till the End of Period 108

Published: 26 Oct 2020

Due to the implications of the global pandemic and the suspension of science operations at the Paranal observatory since the end of March, ESO has postponed the end of VIRCAM operations, which were originally expected to take place until the end of Period 107 (30 September 2021). VIRCAM operations are now planned to go on until the end of Period 108 (31 March 2022). This extension should allow the completion of the remaining ongoing ESO Public Surveys, as well as Large Programmes approved by the OPC in previous Periods.

ESO Complete In-house Re-processing of 20 Years of UVES 1D Spectra

Published: 26 Oct 2020

As part of ESO’s efforts to offer science data products to its community via the ESO science archive facility, all the spectroscopic data acquired since the beginning of UVES operations at the VLT from March 2000 to March 2020, i.e. 20 years, have been reprocessed. Whenever possible, 1D spectra have been stacked at the OB level. The master calibrations associated with the science data before March 2015 have been reprocessed for better quality and consistency. Due to this reprocessing, some of the early science products not available before are now provided. All 1D spectra products are available from the ESO archive, have quality control plots and associated 2D extracted spectral images.

X-SHOOTER back into Operations and Open to Director's Discretionary Time Proposals

Published: 23 Oct 2020

Following the ramp-up to minimal science operations started on 9 September at Paranal and APEX (see separate announcement), observations with X-SHOOTER at UT3 have also recently resumed, and the instrument is now available for Director's Discretionary Time proposals.

The Messenger

The Messenger 180 is now available. Highlights include:

  • Ferrini & Wild: The Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory Comes of Age
  • Cirasuolo et al.: MOONS: The New Multi-Object Spectrograph for the VLT
  • Gonzalez et al.: MOONS Surveys of the Milky Way and its Satellites
  • Maiolino et al.: MOONRISE: The Main MOONS GTO Extragalactic Survey
  • Béthermin et al.: The ALPINE–ALMA [CII] Survey: Exploring the Dark Side of Normal Galaxies at the End of Reionisation

You can subscribe to the hardcopy of The Messenger or browse the complete archive of issues. Subscribers to the print edition are asked to confirm their subscriptions and update their postal addresses. Please hold on to your envelope which contains your personalised confirmation code – see the back page of The Messenger 180 for further details.

The ESO Science Newsletter

The October 2020 issue is now available.

The ESO Science Newsletter, mailed approximately once per month, presents the most recent announcements. Subscription is controlled through the Manage Profile link on the User Portal. Back issues (2013-) are archived.