ALMA Developers' Workshop ​(May 25th-27th, 2016)

​The workshop is located in the room "FB", address Fysikgården 4, on May 25 and 26, and in the room "HB2", address Hörsalsvägen 8, on May 27.

Talks and poster, May 25 (in order):

Talks and poster, May 26 (in order):

Speaker Title
Wootten Baseline Correlator Upgrades


Next generation (NG) ALMA Correlator


Digitizer and Correlator Upgrades


Current developments in the NRC correlator program
Iguchi Total Power Spectrometer (no slides available)
Ros VLBI with ALMA
Marti-Vidal Polarisation conversion for VLBI (no slides available)
Marti-Vidal Simulation tools (no slides available)
Kettenis Fringe-fitting and VLBI calibration in CASA
Tilanus Phase fluctuations at Chajnantor (no slides available)
Richards Requirements for phase correction
Bridger Developing Future ALMA Proposal Submission Tools
Stoehr Archive development
Chavan Integrated Alarm System for the ALMA Observatory
Castro and Gonzalez-Villalba CASA High Performance Computing

Talks and poster, May 27 (in order):

Speaker Title
Wedemeyer A revolutionizing new view at our Sun with ALMA


Solar Observation using ALMA Band 1 Receiver



de Graauw

LLAMA (no slides available)
Bertoldi CCAT
Wyrowksi APEX
Saito Recent progress and future development of Nobeyama 45-m Telescope
Gueth IRAM: NOEMA and the 30m (no slides available)
Testi The ESO Single Dish Strategy Working Group Report