Library, Documentation, and Information Services department

The Library, Documentation, and Information Services Department (organigram) is a central information unit at ESO. It consists of the Libraries and the Information Repository teams.

The ESO Libraries in Garching and Santiago support your research by
‣ providing access to publications and other scientific content 
‣ sharing with you developments in publishing and research communication 
‣ networking with astronomy librarians around the world to fulfill your information requests efficiently
‣ developing and maintaining tools to provide tailored metrics that help to assess ESO’s scientific impact 

The ESO Information Repository (PDM) manages and supports the centralization, organization, preservation and distribution of ESO institutional, project and product documentation.


Need help?

During the COVID-19 emergency, please use email to reach us.

Library Garching

Uta Grothkopf:
Tel: +49 89 320 06-280

Silvia Meakins:
Tel: +49 89 320 06-775

Nathalia Escarlate:
Tel: +49 89 320 06-474
Library Santiago

Leslie Kiefer Saldías:
+56-2-463 3153
Information Repository

Katia Montironi:
+49 89 320 06-682

Nathalia Escarlate:
Tel: +49 89 320 06-474

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13 Dec. 2023: SciX Digital Library (NASA Science Explorer)

ADS (Astrophysics Data System), best known for their literature portal (, has rolled out their new interface, called SciX Digital Library (NASA Science Explorer) Please note that this is a beta version; comments, bug reporting, etc. are welcome.

6 Nov. 2023: Plan S: "Towards Responsible Publishing" proposal from cOAlition S

Five years after the roll-out of Plan S in 2018, the funders behind cOAlition S are now presenting a proposal entitled “Towards Responsible Publishing” which will change the focus of the initiative quite drastically:


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