Visiting Astronomers

All users who are allocated observing time in Visitor Mode at the La Silla Paranal Observatory are urged to read carefully the Travel Guidelines for Visiting Astronomers, which specify the policies and procedures that currently apply to Visiting Astronomers travelling to Chile to conduct observations with ESO telescopes and describe the practical steps to be taken for the logistic preparation of observing missions. Further, site-specific information, in particular about the actual preparation of the observations, is given separately for Paranal and for La Silla. Upon completion of their observing run, Visiting Astronomers must complete an end-of-run report using the Paranal end-of-run report form  or the La Silla end-of-run report form.

Prior to their observing run, all observers should also become aware of the procedure of approval of backup targets and/or additional targets, and familiarise themselves with the Phase II preparation process.

Any questions related to telescope time allocation and observing run scheduling should be addressed to the Observing Programmes Office (OPO). Queries about organisation and reservation of travel to the Observatory site should be directed to VA-travel. For questions related to the preparation of the observations, contact the appropriate Science Operation Department: VLT/I or NTT, 3.6m, 2.2m.