Discos de Santiago 2023

Discos de Santiago

ESO-ALMA Meeting

3rd and 4th of October 2023

ESO Vitacura, Chile - Free registration

The study of planet formation and circumstellar discs is experiencing a golden age in which observational and theoretical efforts are accelerating rapidly. The observatories of Chile are at the forefront of the field, with their unprecedented imaging and spectroscopic capabilities. Simultaneously, cutting edge modelling and simulation techniques have ensured that theoretical investigations continue to push at the edge our knowledge of the environment of young stellar systems in which new worlds are born.

Chile also contains a highly active community of researchers in this field. In Santiago alone there exists one of the densest concentrations of disc researchers in the world, with expertise spanning overlapping and highly complementary areas of observations and modelling. The goal of this 2-day workshop is to bring together local researchers in protoplanetary and debris discs, planet formation and exoplanets to discuss the current questions that face the field. In particular we encourage participation from students, fellows, and early career researchers, to share their recent work and forge new research networks. We hope to offer as many participants as possible an opportunity to present their results; in the case of over subscription, students and ECRs will have priority. Talks can be either in English or Spanish, with a preference for English. Lunch and refreshments at coffee breaks will be provided by ESO. There will be no registration fee, but for organisational purposes we ask for all who wish to attend to complete the registration form, where talk abstracts can also be submitted.  

Deadline to register abstracts is September 5th

Deadline for registrations: September 29

For more information or questions, please contact discos2023@eso.org