PST members

In January 2012 ESO invited the astronomical community to nominate candidates for the E-ELT Project Science Team by the end of March 2012. In response to this call more than 80 nominations were received, all of strong candidates. The project is very grateful for this overwhelming response and the great interest of the community in helping to steer the project.

From these nominations the E-ELT Programme Scientist (Roberto Gilmozzi) and the ESO Director General have appointed the following PST members for a renewable term of 3 years:

Giuseppe Bono (Chair)        Rome
Jordi Cepa La Laguna and IAC, Tenerife
Gael Chauvin Grenoble
Thérèse Encrenaz Paris Observatory
Roland Gredel MPIA Heidelberg
Tom Herbst MPIA Heidelberg
Isobel Hook Oxford / Rome
Christoph Keller Leiden
Oleg Kochukhov Uppsala
Rubina Kotak Belfast
Carlos Martins CAUP, Porto
Didier Queloz Cambridge
Roberto Ragazzoni Padova Observatory

In addition to the above the E-ELT project scientist (Jason Spyromilio) and the E-ELT instrument scientist (Suzanne Ramsay) are ex-officio members. In the future the PST will be joined by the Principal Investigators of Council approved E-ELT instrument projects.