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Science cases of other ELTs

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  • OPTICON is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative funded by the European Commission as part of its Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). OPTICON brings together providers and users of European optical-infrared astronomical infrastructures to identify common approaches and improve access for the benefit of the whole community.
  • The FP6 ELT Design Study is conducted jointly by European research institutes and industry, and it is sponsored by the European Commission. Although it was initiated as a technological development programme for a generic ELT, the Design Study is now fully focused on the needs of the E-ELT.
  • The FP7 E-ELT Preparation Programme complements the final design phase of the E-ELT in several ways, including the implementation of a detailed scientific Design Reference Mission. It is funded by the European Commission and conducted by ESO and 25 research institutes in its member states.