VLT Commissioning and Paranalization

Instrument Commissioning and Paranalisation Data

  • UVES: Scientific Data from UVES Commisssioning II
  • NACO Scientific Data from NACOCommissioning and Paranalization
  • FLAMES: Commissioning/Paranalization Data Release
  • PRIMA: Release of PRIMA Fringe Sensor Unit Commissioning Data
  • XSHOOTER: Release of XSHOOTER May 30 – June 1 Paranalization Data
  • KMOS: Release of KMOS data from commissioning (January – March 2013)
  • CRIRES: Selected data from CRIRES Commissioning I
  • MUSE: Release of data from the MUSE commissioning runs in February, April – May and July – August 2014

Related instrument information can be found in the VLT Science Verification and APEX Science Verification pages.