Fellowships and Studentships at ESO


In this section you will find information about the ESO fellowship and studentship programmes.

Postdoctoral Fellowship at ESO

ESO has an active fellowship programme in Garching and in Chile, with yearly application deadline on October 15.

In addition, ESO has several ALMA fellowship positions - funded by the Marie-Curie COFUND Programme of the European Community - to complement its regular fellowship programme.  

Studentships at ESO

There are two main studentship programmes at ESO through which PhD students can do full or part of their PhD project at ESO in Garching or in Chile: The ESO studentship programme running in Garching and in Santiago, Chile, and the IMPRS studentships in Garching. The PhD students coming to ESO work on their PhD projects under a supervision of a faculty member.

ESO Studentships

Students enrolled in a PhD project in a University in ESO member countries interested in spending part (1-2 years) of their PhD research period in Garching or in Chile, are encouraged to apply for the ESO studentship programme. Yearly application deadlines are on May 31 and November 15.

IMPRS Studentships in Garching

ESO is one of the partners in the IMPRS (International Max-Planck Research School) on Astrophysics and is offering in Garching two full (3 year) PhD positions every year. The yearly deadline for applications is on November 15.

If interested, please consult the list of PhD topics offered by the ESO staff.

Other Postdoc/PhD positions

Occasionally postdoc or graduate student positions are opened for some specific projects. These are announced on the ESO recruitment page.

In addition, ESO is participating in "The Cluster of Excellence for Fundamental Physics: Origin and Structure of the Universe", located in the University campus of Garching, which occasionally has offers for postdoc and PhD positions.