Performing simulations of the scientific performance of the ELT requires a large number of inputs regarding the characteristics of the telescope, the instruments, the AO performance, etc. This site serves as a repository for the technical data used for the DRM simulations.

Please note that the information presented here is not meant to be a complete and perfectly accurate representation of the entire ELT system in its final design. Instead, we tried to capture only the essential features that affect the system performance, and the information given here merely represents all of the data we were able to compile at the beginning of the DRM process. Where information was missing simplifying (but reasonable) assumptions were made, while some aspects were only covered somewhat rudimentarily. Any possible future work on ELT performance simulations should begin by updating these data and aligning them with the final design of the ELT system. Indeed, the baseline design for the ELT changed in June 2011 (to a 39 m telescope) while the sections on the telescope and the AO performance below relate to the original, 42 m design.

The information presented above is also available in a single, comprehensive document. If you have any questions or comments regarding these data please contact J. Liske.