Contacting the CPL development group

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For obtaining the CPL software...

For obtaining the CPL documentation...

For reporting bugs...

  • General users should report all CPL bugs via e-mail to
  • Software developers (in-house, members of instrument consortia) working on ESO projects
    may report bugs using the official CPL bug tracker (Requires registration!).
    An account can be requested through the ESO project responsible (contact person) in charge.

For sending feedback regarding the CPL web pages...

  • Please use the "Send comments to ..." link at the bottom of the relevant web page.

For obtaining further information about the CPL...

CPL Team Members

  • Enrique Garcia
  • Lars K. Lundin
  • Ralf Palsa (Project manager)

For details of other people who have worked on the project, please refer to the Project History section of the CPL Introduction web page.