List of Poster Papers with Abstracts / Presentations

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(last update 13-Jan-11)

  AGLIOZZO, Claudia LBVs in the Magellanic Clouds and Milky Way: exploiting their possible role as dust pr.oducers
  ANTONIUCCI, Simone Strong H2O emission along the jets of young protostars: disentangling its origin with ALMA follow-up observations
  AUDARD, Marc Ices, silicatesP-Audard, and gas in FU Orionis objects
  BERTOLDI, Frank Ionized Carbon observations at high redshift
  BOONE, Frederic Combining LABOCA and Herschel observations of lensing clusters
  CHRYSOSTOMOU, Antonio Surveys of the submillimetre sky with SCUBA-2
  CSENGERI, Timea Origin of high-mass stars in Cygnus-X
  DANNERBAUER, Helmut Unveiling Far-Infrared Counterparts of Bright Submillimeter Galaxies Using PACS Imaging
  DE LOOZE, Ilse The reliability of [CII] as a star formation tracer
  DE LUCA, Massimo PRISMAS results and suggestions for ALMA
  ELIA, Davide Hi-GAL as a favourite starting point for ALMA studies
  ERTEL, Steve The impact of ALMA on debris disk research
  FEDELE, Davide Water in Protoplanetary Disks
  GODDI, Ciriaco Asteroids as a new set of primary flux calibrators: A combined flux calibration plan between APEX, ALMA, and Herschel
  GRELLMANN, Rebekka Complementing VLTI Observations of Young Stellar Objects with Herschel and ALMA
  GROOTES, Meiert Willem The Dependence of SFR in GAMA Galaxies on Group Environment in the Local Volume
  HENKEL, Christian Weak 13CO in the Cloverleaf Quasar: Evidence for a Young, Early generation Starburst
  HERCZEG, Gregory Herschel/PACS spectroscopy of envelopes and disks around low-mass young stars
  HILL, Tracey Herschel and ALMAs view of massive star formation
  HUMPHREYS, Liz [in absentia] Magnetic Fields in Evolved Stars: Imaging the Polarized Emission of High-Frequency SiO Masers
  INGALLINERA, Adriano Galactic bubbles: an ALMA characterization of their role in the enrichment of the ISM
  JOHNSTON, Katharine Ionized Gas Towards Molecular Clumps: Physical Properties of Massive Star Forming Regions
  JUVELA, Mika Galactic Cold Cores
  KARSKA, Agata APEX CHAMP+ high-J CO observations of low-mass young stellar objects: L483 and L1527
  LAGADEC, Eric [in absentia] DUNES Observations of Cold Debris Discs
  MAGDIS, Georgios Towards a complete census of the high-z ULIRGs with Herschel
  MALINEN, Johanna Core mass estimates in simulated observations and modelling of cores
  MARSHALL, Jonathan DUNES Observations of Cold Debris Discs
  MARTIN-PINTADO, Jesus HIFI molecular observation of the Galaxy NGC4945
  MEIJERINK, Rowin Determing sources of excitation in the center of active galaxies
  NISINI, Brunella [in absentia] Strong H2O emission along the jets of young protostars: disentangling its origin with ALMA follow-up observations
  OSORIO, Mayra A disk with a Spiral Structure and Solar System Size
  PARMA, Paola Molecular disks in radio galaxies. The pathway to ALMA
  PEKRUHL, Stephanie Theoretical Models of the Formation of the Dense Core Mass Function Compared to Observational Constraints from Herschel and ALMA
  PEREZ, Laura A prelude to ALMA: studying grain growth using resolved images of protoplanetary disks with CARMA
  PEZZUTO, Stefano A new approach to the detection of outliers with the sigma-clipping method applied to PACS photometry observation
  PINTE, Christophe Observing planetary gaps with ALMA
  PREIBISCH, Thomas Far-infrared and (sub-)mm studies of the strongly irradiated clouds and cores in the Carina Nebula, the nearest laboratory of massive star feedback
  RAGAN, Sarah The earliest phases of star formation in IRDCs: Herschel and PdBI observations of G011.11-0.12
  RICCI, Luca Understanding the mm-wave emission of protoplanetary disks
  ROSEBOOM, Isaac Cross-identifications for the HerMES Survey: Providing accurate positions and redshifts for ALMA
  SARGENT, Mark [in absentia] Measuring and understanding star formation in the early universe - An application of the IR-radio relation
  SCHMALZL, Markus The isolated globule CB17 - a Herschel and ALMA perspective
  SCHNEIDER, Nicola Star formation in the Rosette molecular cloud
  TACHIHARA, Kengo Origin of the Interstellar Turbulence and Its Role in Star Formation
  TAN, Jonathan Latest results from the Census of High and Medium-mass Protostars (CHaMP)
  TROOST, Tobias Unveiling the next generation of massive stars: First results from ATLASGAL
  TROTTA, Francesco Using mm observation to constrain variations of dust properties in circumstellar disks
  URQUHART, James The RMS Survey: Characterising Accretion Disks towards Massive Young Stellar Objects
  VACCARI, Mattia A Spitzer-Selected Multi-Wavelength Data Fusion for Herschel & ALMA Galaxy Formation & Evolution Studies
  VIEIRA, Joaquin SPT surveys the millimeter sky
  WITTKOWSKI, Markus Variability of SiO maser emission toward evolved stars