Last Update: 12-01-2011


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Program Overview

Tuesday, November 16 (afternoon)
13:00 Registration  
14:00 Opening/Welcome  
14:10 G. De Zotti (INAF-Padova) The high redshift universe (Invited)
14:40 S. Eales (Cardiff) The Herschel ATLAS
15:00 E. Le Floc'h (CEA-Saclay) New challenges for ALMA from GOODS-Herschel ultradeep surveys
15:20 F. Walter (MPIA) CII at high redshift
15:40 Break  
16:00 P. Caselli (Leeds) The physics and chemistry of molecular clouds and star forming regions (Invited)
16:30 T. Stanke (ESO) The Herschel Orion Protostar Survey and ALMA
16:50 S. Molinari (INAF-IFSI) The Herschel Galactic Plane Survey and its importance for ALMA
17:10 J. Bally (U. Colorado) Massive Star and Cluster Formation in the ALMA era
17:30   Discussion:"How can I best exploit the ALMA Early Science Capabilities?"
18:00 Reception  
Wednesday, November 17
09:00 F. Combes (Obs. Paris) Nearby Galaxies (Invited)
09:30 S. Madden (CEA-Saclay) The ISM properties in Low Metallicity Galaxies from Herschel to Alma
09:50 A. Boselli (Marseille) The Herschel Reference Survey: UV to radio continuum spectral energy distribution of nearby galaxies
10:10 L. Cortese (ESO) Environmental effects on the evolution of cluster galaxies: the Herschel and ALMA view
10:30 Break  
11:00 J. Di Francesco (NRCCA) The Herschel View of Star Formation (Invited)
11:30 P. André (CEA-Saclay) The impact of the Herschel Gould Belt survey on star formation studies with ALMA
11:50 A. Stutz (MPIA) Isolated low mass star formation with Herschel and ALMA
12:10 A. Maury (ESO) Using existing interferometers for paving the way from Herschel to ALMA: a PdBI large program to investigate the small scale properties of Class 0 protostars
12:30 Lunch  
14:00 R. Moreno (Obs. Paris) The Solar System observed by Herschel (Invited)
14:30 T. Müller (MPE) Solar System minor bodies (Invited)
15:00 P. Hartogh (MPS) Highlights of the HssO key programme and proposal for complementary ALMA Early Science observations
15:20 M. Rengel (MPS) The Titan and Venus atmospheres from ground and space-based observations in the micro-wave region: the promise of ALMA
15:40 Break  
16:00 C. Waelkens (Leuven) Late stages of stellar evolution with Herschel and Alma (Invited)
16:30 J. Cernicharo (CAB) Warm HCN emission in the circumstellar envelopes of C-rich Evolved stars
16:50 M. Maercker (ESO/Bonn) A HIFI view of circumstellar H2O emission from AGB stars
17:10-19:00 Poster Session  
Thursday, November 18
08:30 R. Maiolino (INAF) Active galaxies through the cosmic epoch: the Herschel-ALMA synergy (Invited)
09:00 E. Falgarone (Ecole Normale) CH+(1-0): a tracer of dissipative processes in the diffuse environment of high-z galaxies
09:20 E. Hatziminaoglou (ESO) FIR properties of AGN in the HerMES fields
09:40 K. Knudsen (AIfA-Bonn) C+ and CO in z>4 quasars
10:00 G. Rodighiero (Padova) The evolution of the SFR as a function of mass in star-forming galaxies: where Herschel and ALMA will play together
10:20 Break  
11:00 C. Wilson (McMaster) Nearby Galaxies with Herschel and ALMA (Invited)
11:30 M. Bureau (Oxford) Spatially-resolved molecular gas, dust, and star formation in early-type galaxies
11:50 E. Schinnerer (MPIA) PAWS: The PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey
12:10 P. Papadopoulos (AIfA-Bonn) CO Spectral Line Energy Distributions (SLEDs) of ULIRGs and AGN: from ground to Space, and back again
12:30 Lunch  
14:00 L. Tacconi (MPE) The ALMA Impact on Galaxy Formation and Evolution (Invited)
14:30 C. Gruppioni (INAF) First Herschel probe of dusty galaxy evolution up to z~3 with PEP
14:50 S. Berta (MPE) Herschel and PEP resolve the far-IR background
15:10 R. Lupu (Pennsylvania) Follow-up of lensed submillimeter galaxies with Z-Spec and ALMA
15:30 Break  
16:00 M. Walmsley (INAF-Arcetri) Disks with Herschel (Invited)
16:30 C. Dullemond (MPIA) Probing dust evolution with Herschel and ALMA
16:50 O. Panić (ESO) Disc structure modelling based on Herschel photometry, combined with existing multiwavelength interferometric data
17:10 S. Guilloteau (LAB) Observational evidence for grain size segregation in proto-planetary disks from high resolution mm observations
17:30 J. Lestrade (Paris) HERSCHEL Debris Disks Scrutinized at High Angular Resulotion by ALMA
17:50   Discussion: "Which support will I need during ALMA Early Science?"
19:00 Conference Dinner