Scientific Program (as at June 10, 2009)

The schedule below is the final program. There will be no posters. The abstracts of the various talks can be found here.

Monday, June 8


The Genesis of MAD

14:00The Crazy Owl: The Genesis of MADR. Gilmozzi
14:25MCAO for Beginners : Principles and LimitationsM. Le Louarn
14:55Lessons from MAD: On-Sky Performance TestingE. Marchetti

Lessons from MAD: From the Lab to the Sky

Also available from J. Kolb: Media

J. Kolb/ P. Amico
15:50Layers and Pyramids: Lessons learned and Future PerspectivesR. Ragazzoni
16:15Coffee Break 

Science with MAD (results from Commissioning and Science Demonstration)

16:40Review: Star FormationM. Petr-Gotzens
17:10A deep look into the cores of young nearby massive clustersH. Bouy
17:30A MAD View of the M16 elephant trunksA. Seifahrt
17:50A MAD Visit of Trumpler 14B. Rochau
18:05A MAD View of Tr 14H. Sana
18:20MAD Observations of giant proplyd candidates in NGC2244 & 2264S. Vicente
18:40End of Day 1  
18:45MAD Party  

Tuesday, June 9


Science with MAD (results from Commissioning and Science Demonstration)

09:00MAD Observations of the local starbusts NGC 3603J. Alves
09:20MAD Images of the dense stellar cluster R136M. Campbell
09:40Review: Globular ClustersG. Piotto
10:10Deep and accurate NIR photometry in crowded fieldsG. Bono
10:30MAD and HST Observations of Terzan 5F. Ferraro
10:50Coffee Break 
11:10Deep and accurate NIR photometry of 47 TucanaeF. Troisi
11:30Deep Near-Infrared photometry of Omega Cen A. Calamida
11:50MAD Observations of the galactic star clusters HP1 and FSR 1415S. Ortolani
12:10MAD Observations in crowded and reddened fields: The case of NGC6441E. Valenti
12:30Lunch Break 
14:30Resolved Stellar Populations with MADG. Fiorentino
14:50The MAD deep fieldM. Nonino
15:10Outer Solar System Science with MCAOM. Wong
15:30MAD MAX: Correction PerformanceE. Marchetti
15:50MAD MAX: OperationsP. Amico
16:10Coffee Break 
 Science Cases with MAD MAX (10 min. each)  
16:40Clusters in the Magellanic CloudsE. Tolstoy
16:50Performance and Sky Coverage of MAD-MAX for Globular ClustersA. Moretti
17:00Hunting for optical companions to binary MSPs in globular clusters with MAD-MAXF. Ferraro
17:10Star FormationH. Bouy
17:20Massive Young Clusters in the Milky-WayC. Evans
17:30The Central Cluster of the Milky-WayS. Gillessen
17:40Intergalactic Stellar Populations in the Virgo ClusterM. Arnaboldi
17:50Cepheids in the Antennae GalaxyI. Saviane
18:00Dwarf Galaxies in the Centaurus GroupM. Gullieuszik
18:10Deep Fields with MAD-MAXI. Smail
18:20End of Day 2 
19:00MAD Dinner  


Wednesday, June 10


Beyond MAD

09:00Plans for MCAO at GEMINIF. Rigaut
09:30NFIRAOS@TMTP. Hickson
10:00MICADO and MAORY: Science with MCAO on the E-ELTR. Davies
10:30A new high Strehl instrument for the VLT M. Casali
11:00Coffee Break  
11:30Discussion: Beyond MAD: From MAD-MAX to NFIRAOS and MICADO 
13:00End of Conference