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Monday, July 11th, 2005
18:00 Pre-workshop informal get-together at Koenig Ludwig Hotel in Garching Abstract
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
08:45 Registration  
09:30 Welcome and opening of the workshop S. Hubrig and A. Tokovinin
09:45 Multiple stars: physics vs. dynamics V. Orlov
10:35 Kozai cycles as possible trigger mechanism for producing short-period binaries and other exotic objects L. Kisseleva-Eggleton
11:15 Coffee Break  
11:40 Dynamics and stability of triple stars S. Mikkola
12:30 Lunch


14:15 Multiple stars: designation, catalogues, statistics A. Tokovinin
14:40 Radial-velocity studies of certain multiple systems R. Griffin
15:15 Spectral disentangling applied on triple systems: RV Crt H. Hensberge
15:40 Coffee break  
16:05 Evidence for rapid variability in the multiple system 68 u Her P. Koubsky
16:30 DG Leo, a triple system with a surprising variety of physical phenomena P. Lampens
16:55 Summary and Discussion of the Day  
18:00 Welcome Reception  
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
09:00 The evolution of binaries in dense star clusters S. Portegies Zwart
09:50 The formation of multiple stars E. Delgado-Donate
10:40 Population of dynamically formed triples in dense stellar systems N. Ivanova
11:05 Coffee Break  
11:30 Interferometric studies of multiple stars C. Hummel
12:20 Interferometric orbits of new Hipparcos binaries Y. Balega
12:45 Lunch


14:15 High angular resolution techniques and prospects for multiple star studies Y. Balega
15:05 How to form close binaries? Spectroscopic and adaptive optics searches for tertiaries M. van Kerkwijk
15:30 Tertiary companions to close multiple stars A. Tokovinin
15:55 Coffee break  
16:15 Multiple stars in the field B. Mason
17:05 Multiplicity of CP stars and the nature of their companions S. Hubrig
17:30 Contact binaries as members of multiple systems T. Pribulla
17:55 Summary and Discussion of the Day (if time permits)  
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
09:00 Extrasolar planets in double and multiple stellar systems A. Eggenberger
09:50 Direct imaging of planets and brown dwarfs around young stars R. Neuhaeuser
10:15 The SARG Planet Search: hunting for planets around stars in wide bianries S. Desidera
10:40 Coffee Break  
11:00 Multiplicity at the very low mass end of the H-R diagram H. Bouy
11:50 Spectroscopic companions to very young brown dwarfs V. Joergens
12:15 Lunch


14:00 The observed multiplicity of low-mass stars: from embedded protostars to open clusters G. Duchene
14:50 High-order multiplicity of PMS stars: results from a VLT/NACO survey S. Correia
15:15 Accretion onto Binary YSOs through Gap from Their Circumbinary Disk T. Hanawa
15:40 Coffee break  
16:00 The Nearest PMS Multiple Stars C. Grady
16:50 Young Multiple Systems near the Sun A. Brandeker
17:15 Summary and Discussion of the Day (if time permits)  
18:30 Excursion to the Garching Biergarten  
Friday, July 15th, 2005
09:15 Multiplicity of massive stars (review) H. Zinnecker
10:05 Theta1 Orionis A: An exciting triple system in the heart of the Orion Trapezium Cluster M. Petr-Gotzens
10:30 The Primordial Binary Population in OB Associations T. Kouwenhoven
10:55 Coffee break  
11:20 Workshop Summary and Discussion  
  End of Workshop