Poster Presentations

Spectroscopic subcomponents in visual double stars: the most probable values of their physical and orbital parameters. Application to two systems J.A. Docobo, M. Andrade
Study of the young quadrupole system AO Vel with an eclipsing BpSi primary and PMS companions F. Gonzalez, S. Hubrig, N. Nesvacil, P. North
Multiplicity of early-type field stars (VLT/NAOS-CONICA observations) N. Huelamo, G. Chauvin, C. Foellmi, X. Hautbois, V.D. Ivanov, C. Melo, D. Nuernberger, M. Sterzik
Fundamental parameters of Delta Velorum, a quintuple stellar system. A. Kellerer, M. Petr-Gotzens, P. Kervella
HD 208905: A Multiple System of Early Type Stars P. Koubsky, S. Daflon, P. Hadrava, K. Cunha, J. Kubat, D., Korcakova, P. Skoda, M. Slechta, V. Votruba
Accretion in close young low mass binary stars G. Pinzon, R. de la Reza
Search for low-mass companions to X-ray emitting A-type stars B. Stelzer, N. Huelamo, G. Micela
The Suspected Binarity of Nearby Flare Star SZ UMa V.S. Tamazian, J.A. Docobo, Y.Y. Balega
Hierarchical triples among low-mass PMS spectroscopic binaries: the rule or the exception? J. Alcala, E. Covino, M. Esposito, E. Guenther
Speckle Interferometry of Two Low-mass Triple Systems from the Solar Neighborhood E.V.Malogolovets, Y.Y.Balega, D.A.Rastegaev, G.Weigelt
Gliese 225.2: an old (stable?) quadruplet V. Orlov, A. Tokovinin, O. Kiyaeva, M. Sterzik, A. Rubinov, R. Zuchkov