Poster Presentations


Multiple stars: physics vs. dynamics R. Zhuchkov, V. Orlov et al.
Evolutionary Processes in Multiple Systems P. Eggleton and L. Kisseleva-Eggleton
Dynamics and Stability of Triple stars S. Mikkola
Multiple Stars: Designation, Catalogues, Statistics A. Tokovinin
Radial-velocity studies of certain multiple systems R. Griffin
Spectral Disentangling Applied to Triple Systems: RV Crt H. Hensberge et al.
Evidence for rapid variability in the multiple system 68 u Her K. Uytterhoeven, P. Koubsky, et al.
DG Leo: A triple system with a surprising variety of physical phenomena P. Lampens et al.
The ecology of dense star clusters with binaries S. Portegies Zwart
The formation of multiple stars E. Delgado-Donate and C. Clarke
Population of dynamically formed triples in dense stellar systems N. Ivanova
Interferometric studies of multiple stars C. Hummel
Interferometric orbits of new Hipparcos binaries I. Balega, Y. Balega et al.
Tertiary companions to close spectroscopic binaries A. Tokovinin
Multiple stars in the field B. Mason and W. Hartkopf
Multiplicity of chemically peculiar stars S. Hubrig et al.
Multiplicity of Contact Binary Stars T. Pribulla and S. Rucinski
Extrasolar planets in double and multiple stellar systems A. Eggenberger et al.
Homogenous comparison of directly detected planet candidates: GQ Lup, 2M1207, AB Pic R. Neuhaeuser
Searching for planets around stars in wide binaries S. Desidera et al.
Multiplicity at the very low mass end of the H-R diagram H. Bouy et al.
Spectroscopic companions of very young brown dwarfs V. Joergens
The observed multiplicity of low-mass stars: from embedded protostars to open clusters G. Duchene and J. Bouvier
High-order multiplicity of PMS stars: results from a VLT/NACO survey S. Correia et al.
Accretion onto binary YSOs through gap from their circumbinary disk T. Hanawa et al.
The Nearest Pre-Main Sequence Multiple Stars C. Grady
Multiplicity of massive stars H. Zinnecker
The triple system theta1 Orionis A in the heart of the Orion Trapezium Cluster M. Petr-Gotzens and M. Massi
The Primordial Binary Population in OB Associations T. Kouwenhoven


Spectroscopic subcomponents in visual double stars: the most probable values of their physical and orbital parameters. Application to the system WDS14404+2159 J. Docobo and M. Andrade
A study of the young quadruple system AO Vel with a ZAMS eclipsing BpSi primary and PMS companions J. Gonzalez et al.
Multiplicity of early-type stars in the field: progress report N. Huelamo et al.
New facts about delta Velorum: fewer but larger components A. Kellerer et al.
A spectroscopic study of HD208905 P. Koubsky et al.
Search for low-mass companions to X-ray emitting A-type stars B. Stelzer et al.
The suspected binarity of the nearby flare star Gl 424 V. Tamazian et al.
Speckle interferometry of two low-mass triple systems in the solar neighbourhood E. Malogolovets et al.
Gliese 225.2: an old (stable?) quadruplet V. Orlov et al.