Lunch in Vitacura

Cafeterias, bakeries and restaurants

There is a number of restaurants and small places to eat around the ESO office.  There is a variety of prices to choose from: rather expensive along Alonso de Cordova avenue - with a few exceptions - and others more affordable along Vitacura Avenue. The most economic would be a takeout food from Le Fournil (2) and the Jumbo supermarket (3) indicated by the yellow hand.


-1- Starbucks, Alonso de Cordova/Nueva Costanera: Sandwiches, natural juices, etc.

-2- Le Fournil, Sandwiches, take-out salads, natural juices, etc. In the Paseo El Mañío, there is also a number of restaurants.

Naoki, Outstanding Chilean/Japanese Fusion Cuisine
Avda Vitacura 3875 (close to Paseo El Mañío)

- Plaza Lo Castillo: In front, Le Fournil and Paseo El Mañío with several restaurants (check the prices!)

-3- Jumbo supermarket. They sell take-out food and also have a self-service cafeteria

-4- Dulceria Las Bezanilla Salads, pastries, natural juices, etc.

-5- Coquinaria Restaurant and coffee-shop

-6- Starnberg German food

-7- La Punta - Los Abedules 3016 Empanadas, lasañas, quiche, pie, soups, etc.

-8- Factoria & Co. - Vitacura 3708 They sell takeout food, but you can also use the small tables looking on the street.

-9- Saffron, Indian Cuisine
Avda. Nueva Costanera 3664

-10- La Estacion, daily menu with seasonal fresh products for less than CLP $10.000
Antonio de Pastrana 2529 (only open until 17:30 hr)

-11- Big John market - Vitacura/Los Acantos

-12- La Fuente – Vitacura 3396 Sandwiches, pizzas, beer, etc.

-13- Big John market and Lo Saldes (bakery) At Lo Saldes it is also possible to buy food and use the chairs and tables at the place.

-14- & -15- OK markets

Not on the map:
La Mar
, Peruvian Cuisine (10 min from the ESO Office)
Avda. Nueva Costanera 4076


If you continue walking Vitacura avenue after Le Fournil towards Americo Vespucio Avenue, you will see several more restaurants and tea rooms.

There is a pdf version of this page including more restaurants around the ESO office.