Information for Speakers



  • We intend to provide an abstract booklet. If you have not yet submitted an abstract or wish to provide a modified version of your already submitted abstract, please send it by Monday February 20 to

  • Presentations should be either in pdf, or in PowerPoint format (we use Microsoft Office 365); the name of the file should be <your last name>_<keyword of the title of your talk>.pdf/ppt/pptx.

  • Presentations should be made available to the IT contact person in the conference room by 08:30 for morning presentations and 13:30 for afternoon ones.

  • We intend to make presentations available in zenodo:
    You will be asked to sign a document to agree (or not) that the presentation be converted to pdf and uploaded to zenodo.
    If you wish to provide an edited version, it should be made available to us by March 17.

  • We intend to record all talks and discussion and make them also available through zenodo together with the talks.
    You will be asked to sign a document agreeing (or not) to have the recorded talk distributed through zenodo.

  • Time slots for each talks correspond to:
    • invited talk: 25 min for presentation + 5 min for questions,
    • contributed talk: 12 min for presentation + 3 min for questions,
    • poster flash talk: 1 min for presentation (no questions).