18 - 22 NOVEMBER 2024

CGM-Chile 2024

An informal setting where colleagues can gather to discuss the latest theoretical and observational advancements in the study of the gaseous Universe.

Conference Objectives: The aim of this workshop is to unite researchers across diverse fields to exchange fresh insights into the circumgalactic medium (CGM) and its impact on shaping the evolution of galaxies. Specifically, we aim to explore and elucidate the interplay between the different diffuse media (circum and intergalactic media) and the stellar and interstellar components of galaxies throughout cosmic history. Additionally, we intend to delve into existing observational and computational constraints, while outlining the most promising methodologies for studying diffuse media, particularly in light of the forthcoming ELTs and new instrumentation.

Key Science Topics: Questions concerning the spatial distribution and kinematics of the CGM across various scales, spanning from galactic to sub-kpc distances, have commenced to be explored through observational efforts, even in remote galaxies. Recent advancements in experimental techniques now facilitate multidimensional access to diffuse and ionised media (e.g., leveraging gravitational arcs and other extended objects as background sources, and studying the CGM in emission). During this workshop, we aim to scrutinize and discuss the latest observational findings, ranging from traditional pencil-beam surveys (e.g., quasar absorption lines) to more contemporary approaches (e.g., fast radio bursts, extended sources). Through comparison of these findings with predictions derived from hydrodynamical simulations, our objective is to challenge our understanding of the baryon cycle within galaxies and establish new benchmarks and overarching trends to refine the theory of galaxy evolution. Furthermore, we seek to ascertain the feasibility of resolving the three-dimensional gas distribution surrounding galaxies and assess the significance of the cosmic web in shaping galactic evolution.

The workshop shall take place in Santa Cruz, Colchagua, which is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Santiago, Chile.