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Monday, Oct 15
12:30 Registration    
      Session Chair: Barbara Ercolano
13:30 Introduction    
  SESSION 1   Close-in exo-planets observations and origin
13:50 Haywood, Raphaëlle Invited review Current status of the observational search for close-in planets
14:30 Ormel, Chris Invited review
Theories of formation of close-in exo-planets
15:10 Kreplin, Alexander   VLTI+ALMA imaging of potential planet-formation processes in the pre-transitional disc of V1247 Ori
15:30 Mendigutía, Ignacio   Detecting signatures of planet formation in disks around young stars
15:50 Break    
16:20 Keppler, Miriam   Discovery of a planetary mass companion in the gap of the transition disk PDS 70
16:40 Jankovic, Marija   Formation of close-in super-Earths: dust enrichment of the inner disk due to the MRI
17:00 Ogihara, Masahiro   Formation of close-in super-Earths from embryos with suppressed type I migration
17:20 Drazkowska, Joanna   Planetesimal formation in the inner region of the protoplanetary disk
17:40 Tan, Jonathan   Inside-Out Planet Formation
18:00 Reception at Supernova  

18:15 & 18:45 : Planetarium show and visit of the exhibition (two groups of ~70 people)

19:15 : food served in the Supernova building

Tuesday, Oct 16
      Session Chair: Leonardo Testi
  SESSION 2   Morphology of the inner disk
09:00 Facchini, Stefano Invited review The inner regions of protoplanetary disks: a dynamical perspective
09:40 Kraus, Stefan Invited review Spatially resolved observations of inner disc structure
10:20 Banzatti, Andrea Invited talk Observing the evolution of exoplanet-forming disks at 0.01-10 au with gas, dust, and wind tracers
10:50 Break    
11:30 Ansdell, Megan   Misaligned inner disk demographics using "dipper" stars
11:50 Pinilla, Paola   Variable Outer Disk Shadowing Around the Dipper Star J160421.7-213028
12:10 Nealon, Rebecca   Warping protoplanetary discs by planets on inclined orbits
12:30 Lunch    
      Session Chair: Richard Alexander
14:00 Brown, Alexander   Dust and Gas Composition at the Inner Edge of the Transitional Disk Surrounding 7Myr old T Cha
14:20 Arulanantham, Nicole   Mapping the Inner Disk Gas around Young Stars in the Lupus Complex
14:40 France, Kevin Invited talk UV Characterization of Inner Disks: from Hubble to LUVOIR
15:10 Perraut, Karine   The inner dust rim of protoplanetary disks as probed by GRAVITY
15:30 Break    
16:00 Matter, Alexis Invited talk Observing and characterizing the planet-forming region of protoplanetary disks with MATISSE
16:30 Davies, Claire   Grain growth-induced curvature of the inner rim of protoplanetary disks
16:50 Beer and Brezn    POSTER SESSION 1

End of the day

Wednesday, Oct 17
      Session Chair: Monika Petr-Gotzens
09:00 Garufi, Antonio   The outer disk knows about the inner disk
09:20 Ricci, Luca   Imaging the inner regions of proto-planetary disks with sub-millimeter and millimeter interferometry
  SESSION 3   Evolution of protoplanetary disks
09:40 Rosotti, Giovanni Invited review Disc evolution processes: how they affect the inner disc
10:20 McClure, Melissa Invited review Eye to the telescope: observing the inner 1 AU of protoplanetary disks
11:00 Break    
11:30 Parker, Raeesa   Understanding the formation and distribution of cm-sized dust grains in DG Tau A
11:50 Bitsch, Bertram   Origin of super-Earths planets: influence of pebble accretion, migration and instabilities
12:10 McNally, Colin   How planets move in the inner disc
12:30 Lunch    
      Session Chair: Agnes Kospal
14:00 Bosman, Arthur   Inner disk chemistry and the effects of drifting icy grains: the case of CO2
14:20 Booth, Richard   The inner disc tracers of the physics and chemistry of disc evolution
14:40 Chen, Christine Invited talk Observing the Inner Regions of Protoplanetary Disks with JWST
15:10 Simon, Jake   What Drives Accretion in Protoplanetary Disks?
15:30 Break   GROUP PICTURE
16:00 Picogna, Giovanni   The dispersal of planet-forming discs. A new generation of X-ray photoevaporation models.
16:20 Monsch, Kristina      The imprint of X-ray photoevaporation on the orbital distribution of giant planets
16:40 Beer and Brezn   POSTER SESSION 2

End of the day

Thursday, Oct 18
      Session Chair: Sylvie Cabrit
  SESSION 4   Angular momentum transport and connection of outer and inner disk
09:00 Sheikhnezami, Somayeh Invited review Disk-outflow interaction: exchange of mass and angular momentum
09:40 García López, Rebeca Invited review Observations of outflows and angular momentum transport from the inner to the outer disk
10:20 Dougados, Catherine   What can jets and outflows tell us about the central astronomical units?
10:40 Break    
11:10 McGinnis, Pauline   Spectral signatures of jets and winds in the young, open cluster NGC 2264
11:30 Nisini, Brunella   Connection between jets, winds and accretion in T Tauri stars
11:50 Fischer, Will   Complementary Insights from Helium 10830 in the Age of Interferometry
12:10 Nolan, Chris   Determining the launching regions of centrifugally-driven disc winds from non-ideal MHD simulations
12:30 Lunch    
      Session Chair: Suzan Edwards
  SESSION 5   Star-disk interaction
14:00 Gaitee Hussain Invited review The impact of magnetic fields on the star-disk interaction and planet formation
14:40 Venuti, Laura Invited review Observations of star-disk interaction and link to disk evolution at the epoch of planet formation
15:20 Takasao, Shinsuke   Fast accretion onto a weakly magnetized star
15:40 Alencar, Silvia   The inner disk structure of the classical T Tauri star LkCa 15
16:00 Break     
16:30 Breakout Sessions    
  Auditorium Eridanus   RW Aur: origin of the dimming events
Facchini, Stefano
  Brief overview on the RWAur dimming events
16:40 Lamzin, Sergei   Analysis of photometric and polarimetric observations of RW Aur A: arguments in favor of dusty wind
16:45 Safonov, Boris   Resolving dusty wind of RW Aur A
16:50 Koutoulaki, Maria   Shedding light on the dimming events of the CTTS RW Aur A.
16:55 Guenther, H. Moritz   X-ray news from RW Auriga: Optical dimming with iron rich plasma and an exceptional column density
17:00 Gárate, Matias   The dimmings of RW Aur. Is the accretion of dust preceding an outburst?
17:05     Discussion on RW Aur lead by S. Facchini

Room Pavo   Inner disc of Herbig Ae/Be stars (organizer: M. Kama)
16:30 Other sessions   Rooms Tucana, Dorado, Vela (booked) (to be requested by participants)
18:00 End of the day    
19:00 SOCIAL DINNER   Gasthof Neuwirt Garching
Friday, Oct 19
      Session Chair: Carlo Manara
  SESSION 5 (cont.)   Star-disk interaction
09:00 Hill, Colin   Magnetic Fields and Planets of Weak-line T Tauri Stars
09:20 Beccari, Giacomo   Accretion properties of low-mass stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud: the case of LH95
09:40 Aly, Hossam   Dusty warps: Can Warps in Protoplanetary Discs Form Dust Traps?
10:00 Ramsay, Suzanne Invited talk Looking closely at protoplanetary discs with the European ELT and its instruments
10:30 Break    
11:00     Final Discussion lead by J. Bouvier, G. Hussain, A. Natta, P.C. Schneider and Concluding Remarks