Take a Closer Look: Poster Papers

1 Abraham, Peter A high spatial resolution view of the silicates in young eruptive stars
2 Alcala, Juan Manuel Confirming accretion in MYLupi with UV-HST observations
3 Ataiee Torshizi, Sareh Spiral shock heating in protoplanetary disks: effect on the water snowline
5 Bacciotti, Francesca Clues on grain size and settling in protoplanetary disks from ALMA polarimetric studies
6 Ballabio, Giulia Empirical diagnostics of protoplanetary disc winds
7 Bhowmik, Trisha Resolved spectro-polarimetry of debris disk HD32297 observed with SPHERE/VLT
8 Birchall, Eloise Early evolution of protostellar discs
9 Bouvier, Jerome Take a closer look at... the SPIDI project
10 Brunngraeber, Robert Observing asymmetric structures in protoplanetary disks with MATISSE
11 Brandner, Wolfgang Exploration of the central AU of nearby low-mass YSOs with VLT+GRAVITY
12 Carmona, Andres Tracing the gas surface density profile the inner disk of transition disks with VLT/CRIRES
13 Casassus, Simon The shadowed ring of DoAr44
14 Cazzoletti, Paolo CN emission
15 Cahuasquí, Juan Andrés A closer look at the circumbinary cavity of the V892 Tau system through multiepoch MIDI observations
16 Chen, Lei Spectral evolution and radial dust transport in the disk of the prototype young eruptive star EX Lup
17 Cruz-Saenz de Miera, Fernando The circumbinary spiral arms of L1551 IRS 5: a new discovery with ALMA
18 Dipierro, Giovanni Gas and multi-species dust dynamics in viscous discs: the importance of the dust back-reaction
19 Edwards, Suzan Forbidden Lines and Disk Winds
20 Erkal, Jessica Spectro-Imaging the Bipolar Jet from DO Tau
21 Eupen, Fabio Interferometric observations of the circumstellar disk environments in close binary stars
22 Fedriani, Ruben Revealing the true nature of high-mass YSO jets
23 Gárate, Matías The dimmings of RW Aur. Is the accretion of dust preceding an outburst?
24 Grassi, Tommaso Formation of the First Solids at the Birth of Our Solar System: a microphysical ab-initio model.
25 Grinin, Vladimir The unusual photometric activity of the weak line T Tauri star V715 Per
26 Guenther, H. Moritz X-ray news from RW Auriga: Optical dimming with iron rich plasma and an exceptional column density
27 Hands, Thomas Mass transfer, loss and dynamical evolution of debris discs in young open clusters
28 Harsono, Daniel High spatial resolution of an embedded disk TMC1A
29 Haworth, Thomas Disc evolution in different cluster environments
30 Huelamo, Nuria Searching for accreting protoplanets with SPHERE/ZIMPOL at the VLT
31 Hussain, Gaitee Evolving magnetism in intermediate mass PMS stars
32 Ireland, Michael Radiative acceleration on dust as a sorting process in gaseous inner disks
33 Kama, Mihkel Using accretion to probe inner disk gas-to-dust ratios, physics, and composition
34 Kim, Seongjoong The synthetic ALMA multiband analysis of the dust properties of the TW Hya protoplanetary disk
35 Klarmann, Lucia Constraining the dust properties and shape of the inner rim with NIR interferometry
36 Kluska, Jacques High angular resolution campaign reveals a specific evolutionary stage of a pre-transitional disk
37 Kluska, Jacques A perturbed inner disk rim of the possibly protoplanetary circumbinary disk around a post-AGB binary
38 Kobus, Julia Constraining the structure of the potential planet-forming region with MATISSE/VLTI and ALMA
39 Kospal, Agnes Mass transport in the FUor-candidate system Haro 5a IRS in Orion
40 Koutoulaki, Maria Shedding light on the dimming events of the CTTS RW Aur A.
41 Krieger, Anton Characterization of young accreting planets
43 Lamzin, Sergei Analysis of photometric and polarimetric observations of RW Aur A: arguments in favor of dusty wind
44 Lucas, Philip YSO Variability as seen with VVV and UKIDSS
45 Manara, Carlo F. Why do protoplanetary disks appear not massive enough to form the known exoplanet population?
46 Manzo Martínez, Ezequiel The evolution of the inner regions of protoplanetary disks: a statistical study
47 McGinnis, Pauline The magnetic obliquity of accreting T Tauri stars
48 Mendigutia, Ignacio Linking young stars, clouds, and galaxies through stellar accretion rates
49 Meru, Farzana Is the ring inside or outside the planet?: The effect of planet migration on dust rings
50 Meyer, Dominique MHD protostar-disc interaction.
51 Mori, Tomohiro Time- and spatially resolved observations for pre-transitional disk of GM Aur
52 Nealon, Rebecca Warping protoplanetary discs by planets on inclined orbits
53 Nisini, Brunella GIARPS High-resolution observations of T Tauri stars (GHOST): first results on jet emission
54 Nordlund, Åke Thermal Processing and Fractionation in Stellar Outflows: Evidence from Abundance Correlations
55 Petr-Gotzens, Monika Tracing the inner circumstellar disk via photometric variability studies
56 Pineda, Jaime High-resolution image of HD 100546: asymmetric ring and upper limits to circumplanetary disk
58 Pinte, Christophe Kinematic evidence for an embedded protoplanet in a circumstellar disc
59 Pouilly, Kim Spectroscopic and photometric variability of a CTTS: HQ Tau
60 Pyo, Tae-Soo Extended He I Emission from DG Tau
61 Rice, Malena Slowly-Growing Spiral Mode Instabilities in Protostellar Disks
62 Safonov, Boris Resolving dusty wind of RW Aur A
63 Sanchis Melchor, Enrique Forecasting Detectability of Protoplanets embedded in Disks using hydrodynamic simulations
64 Schneider, P. Christian The Vertical Structure of Inner Disks - Gray, Red, and Gas extinction
65 Setterholm, Benjamin A Closer Look at the Inner Disks of Herbig Ae Stars HD 163296 and HD 190073
66 Sierra Morales, Anibal Estuardo Dust concentration and emission in protoplanetary disks vortices
67 Siwak, Michal Space and ground-based study of star-disc interaction processes in classical T Tauri-type stars
68 Sousa, Alana A study of transition disk properties belonging to the cluster NGC 2264
69 Stammler, Sebastian A Closer Look on Dust Growth: The Spectral Index
70 Stock, Camille Observing variability in young stellar objects in the infrared
71 Tambovtseva, Larisa Revealing the circumstellar environment of the Herbig Be star VV Ser by emission line modelling
72 Tax, Tomas Asymmetric CQ-Tau transition disk at high angular resolution
73 Tessore, Benjamin Non-LTE atomic line formation in accretion disk around young stars
74 Thanathibodee, Thanawuth A Multiwavelength Glimpse of the End of Accretion in T Tauri Stars
75 Ubeira Gabellini, Maria Giulia An unbiased SPHERE-IFS Survey of Nearby Herbig Ae/Be Stars: Are All Group I Disks Transitional?
76 Ueda, Takahiro Dust-pileup at the dead-zone inner edge and implications for the disk shadow
77 Veronesi, Benedetta Coupled or not coupled, that is the question. An hint on the disc mass
78 Woods, Paul Nature Astronomy: a journal for the community
79 Zanni, Claudio Understanding the spin evolution of classical TTauri stars
80 Zormpas, Apostolos Planet formation hotspots in Transition Disks