La Silla Paranal Observatory Users Workshop - Conference Registration

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Normal Registration Fee Feb 28, 2018 EUR 75 Free

The last day of the programme and in particular the selection of the hands-on tutorials for specific instruments will be done based on input from the people registered by the early registration deadline. The requests for one-to-one help and the specific tutorials will be done on a best effort basis, and with no guarantee after the early registration deadline. Nevertheless, we do encourage participants to post their questions/problem requests.

The registration fee will be used to support the participation of students.

The registration fee needs to be paid through the ESO shop via credit card. A link is provided once you have registered in the confirmation page (or use the link in the menu on the right).

Please note that we CANNOT accept payments during the workshop.

For cancellations up to 22 January 2018 the registration fee will be automatically refunded in full. If you have any questions please contact

The fields marked with '*' are mandatory and need to be filled in!

On Wednesday morning, we will offer three parallel dedcated hands-on sessions on the following instruments:

  • UVES
  • X-Shooter


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In addition, on Wednesday, we will provide, on a best-effort basis and for those that indicated their preference by 22 January 2018, one-to-one sessions (*) to address any problem/issue you may bring with you, along the lines of:

  • Ask for help with your proposal

  • Ask for help with your data

  • Ask for help finding data in the archive

  • Ask for help with pipeline installation

  • Ask for help with running a specific pipeline


(*) Note that we may put several participants together in case they share the same problem.

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