Reflex Sessions

On Wednesday morning, we offer, in parallel, 3 dedicated hands-on sessions on the following instruments:

  • MUSE_ZAP (L. Coccato, E. Valenti) - in Pictor+Sculptor (E.231+232)
  • UVES (J. Pritchard, S. Moehler) - in Fornax (old Council room)
  • X-Shooter (C. Manara, G. Beccari, A. Mehner) - in Telescopium Auditorium


In order to take the most out of these sessions, it may be useful that you try to install in advance some software. Instructions are provided below. If you have any problems, please come and see one of the organisers during the Workshop.


MUSE_ZAP: For the Muse Reflex session, please follow these instructions.

UVES: For the UVES Reflex session, please follow these instructions.

X-Shooter: For the X-Shooter Reflex session, please follow these instructions.