Early-bird Registration Deadline: January 22, 2018

Normal Registration Deadline: February 28, 2018

Program Overview

The PDF of the talk are provided as well. Click on the title of the talk to access them.

Monday, March 12
12:30 Registration  
13:30 M. Rejkuba/M. Sterzik Opening/ Welcome [Video]


Chair: E. Valenti

Session 1: Overview of the Observatory facilities

13:50 B. Leibundgut ESO as your observatory [PDF]  [Video]
14:10 H. Boffin How to find the right instrument for your science case? [PDF] [Video]
15:10 B. Leibundgut New instruments coming to La Silla Paranal Observatory [PDF] [Video]
15:30 Coffee Break  


Session 2: Applying for time at LPO

16:00 F. Primas/L. Tacconi-Garman/M. Hilker Service vs Visitor mode observing at ESO - should I stay or should I go? [PDF] [Video (second part)]
16:40 F. Patat/D. Gadotti How to write a successful proposal? [PDF] [Video (second part)]
17:40   Discussions/Questions
18:00 End of day Bier & Brez'n 
Tuesday, March 13

Chair: M. van den Ancker

Session 3:  Tools and services for observers

09:00 M. Petr-Gotzens Getting the most out of your observing time [PDF] [Video]
09:30 G. Beccari
Using the new P2 tool (demo) [Video]
09:50 C. Hummel The VLTI is easier than you think [PDF] [Video]
10:10 J. Pritchard Where do I find what? or how to become a LPO superuser [PDF] [Video]
10:40 Coffee Break  


Session 4:  Getting the most out of your data

11:10 M. Romaniello Different flavours of data [PDF] [Video]
11:30 J. Retzlaff/A. Micol Navigating and finding your way around the Archive (demo) [Video part 2]
12:30 Lunch  





A. Mehner


14:00 W. Freudling Doing your own data reduction [PDF] [Video]
14:30 L. Coccato How to run the pipelines? (demo) [Video]
15:15   Discussions/Questions
15:30 Break  
16:00 J. Pritchard Modifying a Reflex Workflow [PDF] [Video]
16:45 L. Coccato Molecfit and sky tools (demo) [Video]
17:30   Discussion, preparation for hands-on tutorials
18:00 End of Day  
Wednesday, March 14

Reflex hands-on sessions:

We will offer, in parallel, 3 dedicated hands-on sessions on the following instruments:

  • MUSE_ZAP (L. Coccato, E. Valenti) - in Pictor+Sculptor (E.231+232)
  • UVES (J. Pritchard, S. Moehler) - in Fornax (old Council room)
  • X-Shooter (C. Manara, G. Beccari, A. Mehner) - in Telescopium Auditorium [Video of the X-SHOOTER demo]

Read here instructions on how to prepare for these sessions.


Bring your own problem: get face-to-face support from ESO

In parallel, or in the afternoon, we also propose one-to-one sessions to address any problem/issue you may bring with you:

  • Ask for help with your proposal

  • Ask for help with your data

  • Ask for help finding data in the archive

  • Ask for help with pipeline installation

  • Ask for help with running a specific pipeline


The one-to-one sessions take place in Fornax, Pictor+Sculptor and Telescopium.