KMOS@5: Star and Galaxy Formation in 3D - Challenges at KMOS 5th Year


ESO-HQ, Garching b. München, Germany

December 3-6, 2018


News: on request we can provide a remote connection to follow the workshop talks and KMOS tutorial. Please contact

KMOS is one of the second generation instruments at the ESO-VLT and has been operating for five years. It has given us new insights into a variety of scientific topics such as galaxy formation and evolution, early stellar evolution and stellar populations.

The KMOS@5 workshop will bring together scientists working on all areas of star and galaxy formation using near-infrared IFU spectroscopy, including results from complementary instruments. The five years milestone of KMOS offers a perfect opportunity to assess the impact of this instrument on its core science cases and to look forward to develop new strategies and programs, also in light of future IFU instruments.

Science topics will include:

  • Probing galaxy formation by tracing their star formation history, metallicity, morphology and kinematics over cosmic time
  • Stellar populations: from the youth paradox in the central Milky Way to the metallicity and dynamics of stellar clusters
  • Active Galactic Nuclei and their relation with the host galaxy: tracing feedback in action
    Practical tutorials will be offered on Thursday afternoon (December 6th) with hands-on sessions dedicated to KMOS data reduction and sky subtraction.

For information please contact our conference email:

The number of participants will be limited to ~100.