Poster Papers

  Chiong, Chau Ching Design and Performance of ALMA Band 1 Receiver and its Future Prospects
  Okada, Yoko Science cases for the velocity-resolved mid-J CO and 13CO and [NII] emissions
  Khudchenko, Andrey Study of the calibration channel width for a Digital Sideband Separating system for SIS 2SB receiver
  Huang, Yau De New 30-50 GHz Wideband Receiver for Nobeyama 45-m Telescope with Capability to Observe Three Zeeman
  Bourne, Nathan CI as a tracer of gas mass in star forming galaxies
  Wiedner, Martina Conceptual Study of a HEtrodyne Receiver for the Origins space telescope
  Pavolotsky, Alexey Advanced technologies for heterodyne radio astronomy instrumentation - Part1
  Schneider, Nicola The GENESIS project: science cases for a large submm telescope
  Desmaris, Vincent Advanced technologies for heterodyne radio astronomy instrumentation - Part2
  Hacar Gonzalez, Alvaro The best of two worlds: ALMA + IRAM30m observations of the Orion Integral Shape Filament
  Plunkett, Adele Protostellar outflows mapped with ALMA and techniques to include short spacings
  Hayatsu H., Natsuki Star-Formation History in Early Universe Revealed by Blind Line-Search using AtLAST and ALMA
  Otarola, Angel PWV, temperature and wind statistics at sites suitable for mm and sub-mm wavelengths astronomy
  Dicker, Simon Large Aperture Camera for the Simons Observatory
  Baryshev, Andrey High Frequency High Spectral Resolution Focal Plane Arrays for ATLAST
  Mena, Patricio Development of Suitable Technologies for Heterodyne W-Band Focal-Plane Arrays
  Wootten, Al The Green Bank Telescope: Transformational Science for the Next Decade
  Bryan, Sean The TolTEC Camera for the LMT Telescope
  Simon, Robert Large Scale Spectral Line Mapping of Galactic Regions with CCAT-prime
  Wiesemeyer, Helmut Lessons learned from six decades of radio polarimetry