Scientific Programme

Monday, 23 February 2015 (afternoon)
13:00 Registration  
14:00   Chair: Marina Rejkuba
14:00 Tim de Zeeuw
Session 1 - Setting the Stage: what is a stellar halo?
14:10 Guinevere Kauffmann Formation of stellar halos: when do we have a halo around a galaxy?
14:45 Annette Ferguson Observing Stellar Halos: When do we have a halo around a galaxy?
15:20 Annalisa Pillepich New insights on stellar haloes with the Illustris simulation
15:40 Coffee break  
16:10   Chair: Eric Emsellem
16:10 Laura Greggio Observing simulations: current observational limitations and future opportunities
Session 2 - Stellar halos in the Local Group
16:45 Wyn Evans The Milky Way halo
17:20 Paula Jofre On the age of the Milky Way halo stars
17:40   Poster pop-up session


Tuesday, 24 February 2015
09:00   Chair: Rob Ivison
09:00 Stephan Geier Hot subdwarf stars in the halo - from close binaries to the fastest unbound stars in the Galaxy (abstract)
09:20 Rodrigo Ibata The Pan-Andromeda Archeological Survey (PAndAS) (abstract)
09:55 Karoline Gilbert The SPLASH Survey of Andromeda's stellar halo
10:30 Giuseppe Bono On the metallicity gradient of the Galactic Halo
10:50 Coffee break  
10:50   Chair: Annalisa Pillepich
11:20 Alis Deason The Progenitors of the Milky Way Stellar Halo
11:55 Nicolas Martin Faithful extraction of the PAndAS Andromeda stellar halo and direct comparison with the Aquarius simulations (abstract)
12:15 Andreas Koch Gas absorbers in the Andromeda halo - a possible Stream connection
Session 3 - Galaxy surveys: global properties of stellar halos
12:35 Lee Kelvin Stellar halos of galaxies in the SDSS Stripe 82 survey
12:55 Lunch  
14:25   Chair: Laura Ferrarese
14:25 Pierre-Alain Duc The faint stellar halos from ground based imaging
15:00 Bill Harris Globular Cluster Systems and Galaxy Halo Masses: Partners in Crime?
15:20 Enrichetta Iodice Unveiling the faint stellar halos of the early-type galaxies in the Fornax Cluster
15:40 Coffee break  
16:10   Chair: Antonela Monachesi
16:10 Andreea Font Global properties of simulated stellar halos
16:45 Richard D'Souza Statistical Properties of the Stellar Haloes of Galaxies
17:05 Liese van Zee Results from the EDGES Survey
End of the day  
Wednesday, 25 February 2015
09:00   Chair: William Harris
09:00 Ignacio Trujillo Build-up of stellar halos
09:35 Nicola Pastorello Stellar and Globular Cluster metallicity gradients in early-type galaxy halos
Session 4 - Physical properties of individual galaxy halos through resolved stellar population studies
09:55 Roelof de Jong GHOSTS: Resolved stellar halos of nearby galaxies
10:30 Antonella Monachesi The stellar halos of six nearby disk galaxies from the GHOSTS survey: A direct test of models of galaxy formation
10:50 Coffee Break  
10:50   Chair: Chris Mihos
11:25 Marina Rejkuba Resolved stellar halos in early type galaxies
12:00 Mark Peacock Detection of a distinct metal-poor stellar halo in the early-type galaxy NGC 3115
12:20 Sarah Bird Resolved Stellar Halos of M87 and NGC 5128 (Cen A)
12:40 Poster Session  
13:00 Lunch  
14:30 Free afternoon  
19:00 Conference Dinner  
Thursday, 26 February 2015
Session 5 - Other baryonic tracers of galaxy halos
09:00   Chair: Annette Ferguson
09:00 Chris Mihos Structure, Substructure, and Stellar Populations in the Diffuse Halos of Virgo Ellipticals
09:35 Magda Arnaboldi Planetary nebulae as tracers of motions and light in the outer halos of galaxies
10:10 Carlos Eduardo Barbosa The metallicity distribution of the stellar population in the outer halo of NGC 3311
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00   Chair: Martino Romaniello
11:00 Karina Voggel The Origins of the Ultra Compact Dwarfs in the Halo of NGC1399
11:20 Pat Durrell Globular clusters in massive galaxies
11:55 Jean Brodie Connecting stars and globular clusters
12:30 Michael Hilker Blue globular cluster in the halo of the central Hydra cluster galaxy
12:50 Lunch  
Session 6 - Dynamics of galaxy halos
14:15   Chair: Michael Hilker
14:15 Ortwin Gerhard Stellar Orbits and angular momentum in extended halos
14:50 Eric Emsellem Exploring the halos of the most massive galaxies with MUSE
15:10 Nicholas Boardman Stellar haloes of early-type galaxies out to 3-4 effective radii with integral-field spectroscopy
15:30 Coffee Break  
16:00   Chair: Ortwin Gerhard
16:00 Alessia Longobardi The kinematics of the extreme outer halo of M87 as revealed by Planetary Nebulae
16:20 Nicola R. Napolitano Mass and stellar orbital distribution of Early-Type galaxy haloes
16:40 Victor Debattista Orbits in stellar halos
17:15 Theo Le Bret Particle tagging and its implication for stellar halo population dynamics
17:35 End of the day  
Friday, 27 February 2015
Session 7 - Structure vs. Substructure & halo assembly
09:00   Chair: Magda Arnaboldi
09:00 Jorge Penarrubia The tidal streams of dwarf spheroidal galaxies
09:20 Andrew Cooper Simulating stellar haloes with dark matter simulations
09:55 Marilena Spavone VEGAS: A VST Early-type GAlaxy Survey. The faint substructures of NGC4472 stellar halo
10:15 Coffee Break  
10:50   Chair: Guinevere Kauffmann
10:50 David Martinez-Delgado Stellar tidal streams in the halos of nearby spiral galaxies
11:25 Jovan Veljanovski The outer halo globular cluster system of M31: clues to galaxy formation
11:45 David Hendel Using tidal debris morphology to constrain the orbital parameters of infalling substructures
12:05   Final Discussion and Concluding Remarks + Bier & Brez'n
13:30 End of the conference