List of poster presenters

1 D'SOUZA, Richard The impact of Stellar haloes on the measured masses of Galaxies and the stellar mass function.
2 DAS, Payel A chemodynamical model of the Milky Way stellar halo
3 ERWIN, Peter Outer Diskss and Halos: Confusion and Coexistence
4 FIORENTINO, Giuliana RR Lyrae to build up the Galactic Halo
5 FOUQUET, Sylvain Modeling the kinematics and star formation history of Andromeda II by a major merger of dwarf galaxies
6 FRANK, Matthias The Andromeda C-/M-Star Exploration: intermediate-age stars in M31's outer halo
7 GOMEZ, Facundo Ariel Statistically probing the merger history of the Milky Way
8 GOMEZ, Facundo Ariel Characterizing the relevance of chaos in shaping the phase space structure of Milky Way-like stellar halos in the Neighborhood of the Sun
9 HAWKINS, Keith Characterizing High-Velocity Stars in RAVE: The discovery of a metal-rich halo star born in the disk
10 HEBER, Ulrich Run-away and Hyper-velocity stars in the Galactic halo
11 HUXOR, Avon Tracing the tidal streams of the Sagittarius dwarf with long-period variable carbon stars
12 REINDL, Nicole The Galactic Distribution of Hot (Pre-) White Dwarfs
13 MESTRE, Martin The effects of the triaxiality of dark matter halos on stellar streams
14 MORALES, Gustavo Stellar Tidal Streams as Cosmological Diagnostics
15 PAUDEL, Sanjaya UGC 6741: Merger of dwarf galaxies in a group environment
16 SANDIN Christer Can diffuse haloes and thick discs be explained by scattered light?
17 ZIEGERER Eva G and K candidate Hyper-velocity stars revisited
18 BILEK, Michal Constraining the gravitational potential in shell elliptical galaxies

Note in regard to your poster

The poster papers will be on display (1) in the foyer of the new auditorium as well as (2) on the level above in the cafeteria throughout the workshop. The poster panels are 120cm high and 100cm wide, allowing posters up to A0 portrait size.

The numbers assigned in the list correspond to the respective poster panel. Pins will be available in the poster areas.

N.B.: Please kindly remember to take down your poster by 12:00 on Friday. ESO is not storing workshop posters. Therefore, the janitors will dispose all remaining posters after the workshop.