Poster Papers with Abstracts

  Alessandra Contursi ISM conditions in Local Lyman Break Analogs
  Ghazaleh Erfanianfar Non-linearity and environmental dependence of the Main Sequence of star-forming galaxies
  Julia Kamenetzky Herschel/ALMA Reveal Dust and Molecules in the Eject of SN1987A
  Jean Matagne The Herschel Space Observatory Users Community
  Jérôme Pety Filling Herschel/HIFI and ALMA data into GILDAS
  Jesús Ramos-Medina
A caTalogue of HeRschel Observations of Evolved Stars
  Miriam Rengel Results of the HssO Key Programme with the Herschel Space Observatory
  Carmen Sanchez Conterras Molecular line survey of the fast bipolar outflow around the extreme AGB star OH231.8+4.2