Scientific Programme

Final Program (as at 16-Jun-2011)

REGISTRATION: June 27, 12:30-13:45, in front of the Auditorium

Program Overview

MONDAY, June 27 (afternoon)
12:30-13:45 Registration  
14:00 Tim de Zeeuw Opening/Welcome
Review Talks
  Chair: S. Okamura
14:10 Matthew Colless
What nearby clusters can teach us about galaxy formation and evolution (R)
14:55 Simon White
What were the local clusters like at high z? (R)
15:40 Coffee Break  
  Chair: J. Kormendy
16:10 Ralf Bender
Galaxies and their black holes  (R)
16:55 Andrew Fabian
AGN feedback - how does it work and what has been its impact on the galaxies in the nearby clusters (R)
17:40 Ignacio Trujillo How have the massive galaxies evolved over cosmic time (R)
18:25-20:00 Welcome Reception  
TUESDAY, June 28
Surveys In Nearby Clusters
  Chair: M. Arnaboldi
08:50 Laura Ferrarese Results from the NGVS (I)
09:25 Eric Peng A Panoramic View of Globular Cluster Systems in the Virgo, Fornax and Coma Clusters (I)
10:00 David Carter Results from Coma ACS imaging survey (I)
10:35 Coffee Break  
  Chair: J. van Gorkom
11:00 Thomas Puzia
Fornax - Imaging (I)
11:35 Jonathan Davies The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey (I)
12:10 Alessandro Boselli GUViCS: the GALEX UV Virgo Cluster Survey (I)
12:45 Lunch  
  Chair: E. Emsellem
14:10 William Forman X-ray Survey (I)
14:45 Jochen Liske Prospects of studying resolved stellar populations with the E-ELT (I)
15:20 Oral Poster Session 1
2 min talks / list of presenters
15:50 Coffee Break  
  Chair: M. Capaccioli
16:20 Christophe Adami Coma yesterday
16:40 Giuseppe Gavazzi
Halpha3: an Halpha imaging survey of 21 cm selected galaxies from ALFALFA in the Virgo cluster and surroundings
17:00 Arna Karick The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Treasury Survey: An Isophotal and Structural Parameter analysis of galaxies in heart of Coma
17:20-17:40 Yutaka Komiyama Subaru Halpha Survey for the Coma Cluster: Survey Highlights and Halpha Luminosity Function
The faint end of the galaxy luminosity function
  Chair: M. Cappellari
08:50 William Harris The New Role for Globular Cluster Systems in Giant Galaxies (I)
09:25 Michael Hilker Properties and kinematics of UCDs in nearby clusters (I)
10:00 Lucio Mayer Galaxy transformation in clusters I: the origin of dwarfs and UCDs (I)
Stefan Lieder New dwarf spheroidals and the luminosity function in the Virgo cluster core
10:55 Coffee Break  
  Chair: T. Richtler
11:25 Thorsten Lisker The dwarf galaxy content of present-day clusters: semi-analytic models vs reality
11:45 Lauren MacArthur Uncovering the Dwarf Galaxy Population in Virgo with the NGVS
12:05 Russell Smith The Coma 3-degree Survey: stripping and quenching of infalling dwarfs
Elisa Toloba The kinematic properties of dwarf early-type galaxies
12:45 Lunch  
Dynamics and mass distribution of bright galaxies
  Chair: R. Davies
14:10 Michele Cappellari Inner dynamics and dynamical scaling relations of massive galaxies (I)
14:45 Ortwin Gerhard Outer halo dynamics (I)
15:20 Oral Poster Session 2
2 min talks / list of presenters
15:50 Coffee Break  
  Chair: H. Kuntschner
16:20 Thorsten Naab Merger processes: when, what kind, and how frequent, and the impact on the rotation properties of the merger remnants (I)
16:55 Eugene Churazov Xrays in massive galaxies: how good are mass estimates based on Xray measurements and hydrostatic equilibrium? (I)
17:30 Stéphane Courteau The Velocity Function of Virgo Cluster Galaxies
17:50 Davor Krajnović Kinematic properties of early-type galaxies across environments
Remco Van Den Bosch A Survey of Nearby Massive Galaxies
19:30 Conference Dinner  
Dynamics and mass distribution of bright galaxies (continue)
  Chair: O. Gerhard
08:50 John Kormendy Dwarf and giant galaxies : the big picture (I)
09:45 Henk Hoekstra Dark halo properties of big galaxies from weak lensing (I)
10:20 Oral Poster Session 3
2 min talks / list of presenters
Coffee Break  
  Chair: R. Bender
11:20 Santi Cassisi Stellar evolution and issues related to post turn off evolution (I)
11:55 Daniel Thomas Integrated spectra of bright galaxies: successes and problems (I)
12:30 Lunch  
The bright end of the luminosity function and the diffuse light
  Chair: L. Mayer
14:00 Luca Cortese The role of the cluster environment on the star formation cycle of Virgo galaxies
14:20 Patrick Côté Stellar Populations and Kinematics of Early-Type Galaxies in the Virgo and Fornax Clusters
14:40 Mark den Brok Colour gradients in giant and dwarf early-type galaxies in the Coma cluster
15:00 Lisa Glass
The Structure and Stellar Populations of the Central Regions of Early-Type Galaxies
15:20 Richard McDermid Stellar Populations and Star-Formation Histories of Early-Type Galaxies Inside and Outside of Virgo
15:40 Coffee Break  
  Chair: S. Mei
16:10 Magda Arnaboldi BCGs + ICL - observations (I)
16:45 Gabriella De Lucia BCGs + ICL - simulations (I)
17:20 Jessica Krick
Spitzer IRAC Low Surface Brightness Observations of the Virgo Cluster
17:40 Jorge Melnick The Diffuse Intracluster Medium at intermediate redshifts
Chris Mihos
Hierarchical evolution of galaxies in groups and clusters (I)
FRIDAY, July 1
Dynamical status of nearby clusters; evolution processes and morphological transformation
  Chair: W. Harris
08:50 Somak Raychaudhury Galaxy evolution : transformation in the suburbs of clusters (I)
09:25 Jacqueline van Gorkom Gas morphology and ram pressure stripping in nearby clusters (I)
10:00 Joo Heon Yoon
Gas Flow in the Virgo Cluster
Coffee Break  
  Chair: S. White
10:50 Simona Mei 3D shape, dynamical state, and mergers of nearby clusters (I)
11:25 Craig Rudick
Intracluster light in the Virgo Cluster
11:45 Stephanie Tonnesen The Impact of Ram Pressure Stripping on Star Formation Inside and Outside of Galaxies
12:05 Lunch  
13:45 Afternoon Discussion  
15:00 Bier und Breezen