Poster Papers

as at 21-June-2011

ADAMI,  Christophe Low surface brightness features in Coma

AGUERRI,  J. Alfonso L. FOssil Group Origins (FOGO) project: a multiwavelenth view of fossil galaxy systems
ARRIGONI BATTAIA,  Fabrizio The age of star-forming regions stripped from VCC1249 by VCC1226 (M49)
BOISSIER,  Samuel Deep UV and optical imaging of Virgo galaxies with HI tails
CARTER,  David The spatial distribution and origin of the FUV excess in early-type galaxies
6 CHIES-SANTOS,  Ana L. Unravelling ages and metallicity distributions of globular cluster systems in E/S0 galaxies
7 CHUNG,  Jiwon Probing the Merging Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies from Element Abundances and Star Formation Rate
8 COCCATO, Lodovico Stellar populations in the outskirts of brightest cluster galaxies
9 CORSINI,  Enrico Maria The dynamical structure and stellar populations of early-type galaxies in Abell 262 cluster
10 COTE,  Patrick The Next Generation CFHT: A Wide-Field Spectroscopic Facility for the Coming Decade
11 DALLA BONTÀ,  Elena Photometric analysis of Abell 1689
12 DE PROPRIS,  Roberto The luminosity function of galaxies in clusters, from the NUV to K
13 DURRET,  Florence Atypical faint galaxies in Coma: the spectroscopic side
14 FAIFER,  Favio Raul Globular cluster system of the NGC7626/NGC7619 pair of giant elliptical galaxies in the Pegasus I group
15 FERRIERE,  Etienne Extragalactic archaeology applied to understanding Early-Type Galaxies’ formation within the NGVS and Atlas3D surveys
16 FRANK,  Matthias A close look at ultra-compact dwarf galaxies in the Fornax and Virgo clusters
17 GIRARDI,  Marisa Merging Clusters of DARC Sample: studying the simultaneous formation of galaxy systems and their brightest galaxies
18 GRAHAM, Alister Massive black holes, nuclear star clusters, partially depleted cores and the connection with the host spheroid
19 HERNANDEZ,  Jonatan D. Dissentangling environmental processes in galaxy clusters
20 HOUGHTON,  Ryan The Fundamental Plane of Abell 1689 compared to Coma
21 HUGHES,  Thomas The mass-metallicity relation in different environments
22 JACHYM,  Pavel Cluster environments: ram pressure stripping
23 KIM,  Suk Extended Virgo Cluster Catalog using SDSS DR7 Data
24 KOSHY,  George Recent star formation in cluster early type galaxies
25 LAGERHOLM,  Carina Stellar Populations and Kinematics of Early Type Galaxies - a 2-D view with VLT/VIMOS
26 LÄSKER,  Ronald Total magnitude superior to bulge magnitude as Black Hole mass predictor
27 LEE,  Youngdae Ultraviolet Properties of Galaxies in the Fornax Cluster
28 LISKER, Thorsten SMAKCED: Stellar content, MAss and Kinematics of Cluster Early-type Dwarfs
29 LOUBSER, Ilani Mg2 gradients as a signature of brightest cluster galaxy evolution
30 LYSKOVA, Natalya A simple recipe for estimating galaxy masses from minimal observational data
31 MENDEZ-ABREU, Jairo   
Bar formation in different environments: field, Virgo, and Coma
32 MEYER, Hagen Thilo Properties and evolution of late-type galaxies and the connection to early-type dwarf galaxies in the Virgo galaxy cluster
33 MONELLI, Matteo Star formation history of Local Group galaxies and the ELT perspective
34 MONREAL-IBERO, Ana The interplay of gas and stars in dwarf galaxies of very nearby groups
35 MORELLI, Lorenzo Multiband photometric decomposition of nuclear stellar disks in 3 Virgo cluster galaxies
36 MORGANTI, Lucia Dark matter and dynamics of intermediate-luminosity elliptical galaxies
Deep Wide Field Imaging of Pegasus I cluster in r and Halpha bands
38 NUNEZ, Carolina Could XMMU J2235.3-2557 at z=1.39 be destined to evolve into a Coma like cluster in the local Universe?
39 OKAMURA, Sadanori Observation of Diffuse Intracluster Light in the Coma Cluster
40 PAK, Mina Ultraviolet and Optical Properties of Dwarf Galaxies in the Ursa Major Cluster
41 PAUDEL, Sanjaya On the nature of stellar population properties of dEs, Are they special?
42 PELETIER, Reynier The Spitzer [3.6]-[4.5] colour for stellar population studies in local galaxies
43 REY, Soo-Chang Ultraviolet Color-Magnitude Relations of Early-type Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
44 RICHTLER, Tom NGC 1316 and its cluster system
45 ROEDIGER, Joel The Stellar Populations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies
46 RYŚ, Agnieszka Dynamics of early-type dwarf galaxies in the Virgo Cluster - a SAURON perspctive
47 SANCHEZ-JANSSEN,  Ruben Globular cluster systems and the origin of early-type cluster dwarfs in Virgo
48 SCOTT, Nicholas An IFU study of early-type galaxies in the Coma Cluster
49 SERRA, Paolo The MeerKAT Fornax Survey
50 SMITH CASTELLI,  Analia Viviana Exploring the globular cluster content of the Hickson Compact Group 44
51 SMITH, Rory Ram pressure drag - effects of ram pressure on dark matter and stellar dynamics
52 SUNG, Eon-Chang The Environments of Star-burst Activities of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
53 TORTORA, Crescenzo Dark matter content in the central regions of early-type galaxies
54 VANDERBEKE, Joachim   
A New Look at the Galactic Globular Cluster System
55 VANDERBEKE, Joachim   
Optical and near-infrared velocity dispersions of early-type galaxies
56 VENTIMIGLIA, Giulia The kinematics of the intracluster light in the core of the Hydra I cluster
57 WANG, Zhong An Infrared Imaging Survey of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe
58 WEST, Michael Remnant Globular Cluster Streams in Galaxy Halos
59 WU, Xufen The line-of-sight kinematics of low redshift galaxies from cosmological simulations
60 YI, Wonhyeong Surface Photometry and Structural Parameters of Galaxies in the Extended Virgo Cluster Catalog
61 YOSHIDA, Michitoshi Kinematics and excitation of the ram pressure stripped ionized gas of galaxies in the Coma cluster
62 ZARATTINI, Stefano From nearby clusters to Fossil Groups. Clues through their luminosity functions