Poster Papers

as at 26-Oct-2011

(as at 24-Oct-2011)

1) CHEN,  Lei
Near-infrared interferometric observation of the Herbig Ae star HD144432 with VLTI/AMBER
2) COOPER ,  Jennifer A Spitzer-based classification of TNOs
3) CRUZALÈBES,  Pierre Angular diameter estimates of cool giant and supergiant stars with VLTI-AMBER and hints for surface brightness asymmetries
4) CUSANO,  Felice AMBER/VLTI observations of 5 giant stars
5) DI FOLCO,  Emmanuel
The inner disk structure of the transition system MWC758 (MIDI+VISIR)
6) GRELLMANN,  Rebekka Mid-infrared interferometry of the massive young stellar object NGC 2264 IRS 1
7) GRININ,  Vladimir
Model predictions for spectro-interferometric observables of disks with various geometry and kinematics
8) HILLEN,  Michel Comparing the CODEX model atmospheres with the PTI spectro-photometric and visibility time series
9) HIPPLER,  Stefan The GRAVITY near-infrared wavefront sensors
10) HRON,  Josef Surface structure of AGB stars: complementing interferomtry with spectro-astrometry
11) KLOTZ,  Daniela The circumstellar environment of the oxygen-rich star SV Psc probed by mid-infrared interferometry: evidence for a close binary companion?
12) KREPLIN,  Alexander
Resolving the circumstellar environment of the B[e] star V921 Sco in the near-infrared with VLTI/AMBER
13) KUDRYAVTSEVA,  Natalia
Characterizing exoplanets with GRAVITY
14) LAZAREFF,  Bernard The Pionier Instrument
15) MELLA,  Guillaume Accompanying 10 years of VLTI: the JMMC tools and services
16) MINARDI,  Stefano Advanced photonics technologies for optical interferometry
17) PALADINI,  Claudia A joint venture in the red: the Herschel+MIDI+VISIR view on mass loss from evolved stars
18) PRIBULLA,  Theodor Multi-dataset modelling of close binaries with ROCHE
19) RENGASWAMY,  Sridharan Simulations on Imaging with the VLTI
20) SACUTO,  Stéphane A possible solution to the mass-loss problem in M-type AGB stars
21) SAHLMANN,  Johannes
PRIMA astrometry data modelling
22) TAMBOVTSEVA,  Larisa Model predictions for spectro-interferometric observables of disks with various geometry and kinematics
23) PETROV, Romain
Milliradians-accuracy closure phase on AMBER: current results from exoplanets observation program
24) ENGELS,  Dieter
AKARI and Spitzer observations of obscured AGB and post-AGB stars
Late ALLOUCHE, Fatmé [in absentia] Preliminary testing of  "Ubaye Hypertelescope", a prototype direct-imaging interferometer in the southern Alps, France
Late MILLAN-GABET,  Rafael [in absentia]
Exo-zodiacal Dust Levels for Nearby Main-Sequence Stars: A Survey with the Keck Interferometry Nuller