List of Poster Papers

ESO / ECF / STScI Workshop on
Deep Fields

European Southern Observatory, Garching bei München, Germany

Monday, 9 October - Thursday, 12 October, 2000

Physik Department, Technical University, Garching



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Poster title
ALMAINI, Omar First results from the ELAIS/SCUBA deep X-ray survey
ALOISI, Alessandra On the evolution of nearby star-forming systems and their connection to primeval galaxies
BOMANS, Dominik J. Hunting for field LSB galaxies in deep CCD surveys
BOUCHÉ, Nicolas Galaxies near distant damped Ly-alpha clouds
BRISTOW, Paul Morphological number counts and redshift distributions to I=26 from the Hubble Deep Fields
CAGNONI, Ilaria Searching for blazars in the EIS wide
COMASTRI, Andrea On the nature of the sources of the hard X-ray background
CORBIN, Michael A multivariate analysis of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field North
CRAWFORD, Steven Analysis of breaks occuring in UBVRI galaxy counts
DADDI, Emanuele EROs and the large scale structure of high-z ellipticals
DAHLÉN, Tomas The population of the galaxy cluster C11601+42 at z=0.54
DANNERBAUER, Helmut Identification of Mambo MM sources
DAVIES, Jonathan The LSB extent of the Fornax Cluster
DESSAUGES-ZAVADSKY, Miroslava The most distant damped Ly-a system at zabs=4.466 towards the quasar APM BR J0307–4945
DOMINGUEZ-TAGLE, Carlos Advantages of NIR multi-object spectroscopy of z~1 galaxies
EISENHARDT, Peter Deep surveys with SIRTF’s Infrared Array Camera
FALOMO, Renato VLT imaging of quasar host galaxies at z~1.5
FERNANDEZ-SOTO, Alberto Measurements and inferences from the high-redshift star formation density and its evolution
GABASCH, Armon Galaxy evolution in the Hubble Deep Field South and North
GARRETT, Michael European VLBI Network 1.6 GHz Observations of the Hubble Deep Field
GONZÁLEZ-SOLARES, Eduardo Deep optical and near-IR survey in the ELAIS areas
GUZZO, Luigi The BMW distant cluster survey
HAINES, Chris The galaxy environment of quasars in large quasar groups
HAMANA, Takashi Numerical study of the cosmic shear statistics as a probe of the large scale structure formation in the Universe
KAMBAS, Alexandros The low surface brightness extent of the Fornax Cluster
KOMOSSA, Stefanie A search for X-ray flares from nearby ‘normal’ and active galaxies: comparison of ROSAT all-sky survey data with deep PSPC/HRI fields
KÜMMEL, Martin Number counts and angular correlation functions in the FORS Deep Field
LANFRANCHI, Gustavo A study of the contribution of the Damped Lyman-alpha Systems and Lyman Break Galaxies to the metal content of the high-redshift Universe
LOBO, Catarina Distant galaxy clusters: new detections and follow-up observations in the optical. I. Photometric results
LUMB, David XMM-Newton Deep Field Observations: the HDF North and serendipitous fields from the in-flight calibration programme
MAGLIOCCHETTI, Manuela Cosmological evolution of radio sources: what can theory tell us?
MASSAROTTI, Michele Photometric redshifts: a critical comparison of different templates
MASSAROTTI, Michele Photometric redshifts: a comparison with the spectroscopic observations
MEHLERT, Doerte The FORS-Deep-Field: first spectroscopic results
MIGNANI, Roberto Like candles on the Moon: optical observations of neutron stars
MIGNOLI, Marco Mining for AGN in the Marano field
MUXLOW, Thomas High resolution radio imaging of the Hubble Deep Field and flanking fields
PENTERICCI, Laura The discovery of a forming cluster around a high redshift radio galaxy
PIGNATELLI, Ezio GASPHOT: a tool for Galaxy Automated Surface PHOTometry of galaxies
PIRZKAL, Norbert The HDF as seen by the Advanced Camera for Surveys
POPOVIC, Luka Micro-lensing influence on spectral line shapes from relativistic accretion disc of AGNs
POZZETTI, Lucia A method to solve age and dust degeneracy for Extremely Red Galaxies (ERGs)
PRANDONI, Isabella The ATESP Radio Survey: optical identifications and spectroscopy in the EIS-A region
PROUST, Dominique Dynamics of the X-ray clusters Abell 222-223, Abell 520 and Abell 521
REIPRICH, Thomas H. Cosmological implications from an X-ray flux-limited sample of galaxy clusters
REJKUBA, Marina Deep VLT imaging of NGC 5128
RETZLAFF, Jörg Clustering of X-ray selected AGN
RUDNICK, Gregory Measuring the rest-frame V-band luminosity density to z~2.5 with FIRES at the VLT
SARACCO, Paolo A combined comparison of the HDF-S and AXAF fields through ISAAC deep observations
SEROTE ROOS, Margarida Distant galaxy clusters: new detections and follow-up observations in the optical. II. Spectroscopic results
STICKEL, Manfred Search for FIR emission from intracluster dust in Abell Clusters
STORRIE-LOMBARDI, Lisa The SIRTF First Look Survey. Characterizing the Mid-Infrared Sky
SUGINOHARA, Maki The influence of the photometric redshift error on the convergence due to gravitational lensing
TOZZI, Paolo First results from the Chandra Deep Field South: groups and clusters of galaxies
VALENTIJN, Edwin A. Widefield imaging with OmegaCAM
WEHRSE, Rainer Radiative transfer models for young galaxies with Lyman-alpha halos

An NRAO VLBA survey of FIRST sources in the NOAO Deep Wide Field J1432-3416

WU, Katherine Galaxy morphology in a cluster at z~1.26 versus the field
WU, Katherine A quantitative study of the evolution of peculiarities in galaxy morphology
YONEHARA, Atsunori Source size measurement from observed quasar microlensing
GILLI, Roberto AGNs in deep X-ray surveys and the X-ray background


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