Local & Practical Information

ESO / ECF / STScI Workshop on
Deep Fields

Physics Department, Technical University, Garching bei München, Germany

Monday, 9 October - Thursday, 12 October, 2000

Local & Practical Information

Conference Venue

Since the large number of participants exceeds the seating capacity of the ESO Headquarters auditorium, the conference will be held in Garching in the Auditorium of the Physics Department of the Technical University München (building 1 on the map of the Garching Research Institute area), and not at ESO Headquarters. The Auditorium is just a 10-minute walk away from ESO Headquarters. The address is James Franck Str., Garching.

Contact telphone number

+ 49 89 289 12 500 (conference venue) + 49 89 32006 0 (ESO Reception)

Contact fax number

+ 49 89 32006 480 (ESO)
Workshop bus service In the mornings and the evenings of the workshop, there will be a bus service between the hotels in Ismaning / Garching and the workshop venue. Here you can see the timetable.


Registration will be made at the conference venue, starting at 08:30 a.m. on Monday October 9th. The registration fee of 200 DEM is payable at the registration desk in German currency only (cash preferred, travellers cheques and Eurocheques accepted - no credit card facilities available). The registration fee includes a copy of the workshop proceedings, the welcome reception, bus transportation and coffee breaks. It does not include the cost of meals.


The poster papers will be on display at the conference venue throughout the conference. The display area available per poster is around 100 x 100 cm.

Welcome Reception

On Monday evening, 9 October, after the last session, a welcome reception will be held at the conference venue.


Munich is located in southern Germany. The conference venue and ESO Headquarters are situated just north of the town of Garching, a suburb to the north of Munich (overview map). Munich offers excellent public transport, although Garching itself can only be reached by bus in combination with U-Bahn (underground) or S-Bahn (commuter train).

Hotel Information

The conference hotels are located in Garching and Ismaning, the latter a neighbouring village to Garching. Check the list of Garching hotels and the list of Ismaning hotels to find information on the hotel that has been booked for you.

How to get there

The airport is called Munich/München FranzJoseph Strauss.From the airport, you can choose between airport bus, S-Bahn or taxi to go to your hotel.

If you arrive by train at the Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), you can reach Garching by taking the U-Bahn U6 to Garching-Hochbrück (see map below for connections), then bus 291 to Garching. Ismaning has a direct S-Bahn connection (S 8) from the airport and the Hauptbahnhof.

Map of Munich U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains (PDF file)

Shuttle buses will be organized to take you to and from your hotel to the conference venue (morning and afternoon, a detailed shuttle bus time-table will be published here later). If you still prefer local transport, please see the bus details below.

Please note that it is not advisable to bring a car to the conference venue because of limited parking space.

Local transport - Overview

Means of transport
Approx. cost
Munich airport-Garching 17 km S-Bahn S8+ Bus 691 with change in Ismaning (40-60 min)

11.40 DEM*
Taxi ~ 50-60 DEM

Munich airport-Ismaning

13 km S-Bahn S8 (10 min)

11.40 DEM*
Taxi ~ 50-60 DEM

Munich airport- Munich City 40 km S-Bahn S8 or S1, airport bus (30 min)

15.20 DEM*
Taxi ~ 90-100 DEM

Garching-Munich City

23 km Bus 291 to Garching-Hochbrück, change to U-Bahn U6 (30 min)

7.60 DEM*
Taxi ~ 50 DEM

Ismaning-Munich City 27 km S-Bahn S8 (25 min)

7.60 DEM*
Taxi ~50 DEM

Ismaning-Garching 7 km Bus 230 (10-15 min)

3.80 DEM*
Taxi ~ 25-30 DEM

Garching-Conference Venue 2 km Bus 291, 230, 691 to (5 min) to Forschungsreaktor

1.90 DEM
Taxi ~15 DEM

Garching-ESO 2 km Bus 291, 230, 691 to Bolzmannstrasse (5 min)

1.90 DEM
Taxi ~15 DEM

* prices are only estimates. Prices can change depending on what kind of ticket you buy.



The closest canteen is the canteen of The Technical University (number 5 on the map), the Mensa, that serves lunch Mo-Thu 11.00-13.45, Fr 11.00-13.30. The Cafeteria of the canteen is opened Mo, Tue, Thu 8.30-16.10 and Fr 8.30-14.15 (Address: Lichtenbergstrasse 2)

Please note that you have to use a check payment system in this canteen, where you buy checks for 20 DEM. These can later be refunded if not used. For the Cafeteria, cash is accepted.

The second canteen closest is the canteen of the Max-Planck Institute (see map. Number 28 shows the canteen). Opening hours: Mo. - Thu. 11:15 - 13:45 and Fr. 11:15 - 13:30. The Cafeteria is opened: Mo. - Thu. 8:30 - 11:00 and 11:30 - 16:30, Fr.: 8:30 - 11:00 and 11:30 - 14:00. Cash accepted.

Bank service

Banks and cash-points can be found in Garching and Ismaning. All main credit cards are accepted (with PIN code). Please note that the banks close during lunch time.

Munich City

See the home page of the Munich Tourist Office to find out about events in the city.

Travel Agent

The ESO travel agent Carlson Wagon-Lits, located at ESO Headquarters, can help you with travel arrangements. The opening hours are Monday-Thursday 9:00-16:30 and Friday 9:00-16:00. The telephone number is: + 49 89 32006 208.


The Munich weather in October has daytime temperatures ranging from 10-20 degrees C. Showers can occur. For more information, see the Yahoo Munich weather forecast

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