List of Posters

P01 Sylvia BECKER UV spectral synthesis for iron group elements in A supergiants
P02 Samuel BOISSIER Chemo-Spectral Evolution of the Milky Way and of Spiral Disks
P03 Dominik J. BOMANS Diffuse Warm and Hot Gas in I Zw 18
P04 James CAPLAN Oxygen and helium abundance gradients in the Galaxy from photometry of HII regions
P06 Marcelo CASTELLANOS Spectrophotometric analysis of HII regions in the galaxy NGC4258
P07 Bruno Vaz CASTILHO Beryllium abundance in lithium-rich giants
P08 Corinne CHARBONNEL New constraints on the primordial lithium abundance
P09 Irina CHERNYSHOVA Field blue stragglers : chemical composition revisited
P10 Thierry CONTINI Role of starburst in the chemical evolution of galaxies
P11 Silvano DESIDERA The RGB Bump as a Metallicity Indicator for Globular Clusters
P12 Pierre-Alain DUC The effect of the environment on the metallicity of dwarf galaxies in clusters
P13 Gerhard HENSLER Chemical Evolution and Abundance Ratios in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
P14 Artemio HERRERO Alpha-elements Differential Abundances in M33 B-supergiants
P15 E. B. JENKINS IMAPS Observations of Variations in D/H in the Interstellar Medium
P16 Andreas J. KORN NLTE abundances from Magellanic Cloud B stars
P18 Varsha P. KULKARNI Element Abundances in Damped Lyman-alpha Quasar Absorbers
P19 Ulrich LINDNER Interpreting the redshift evolution of DLA galaxies
P20 Dörte MEHLERT Stellar Populations in a High Density Environment: Elliptical Galaxies in the Coma Cluster
P21 Phil OUTRAM The Metal Systems in the Line of Sight Towards GB1759+7539
P22 Mario PERINOTTO Chemical Abundances of Planetary Nebulae in Galaxies
P23 L.S. PILYUGIN On the oxygen abundance deficiency in spiral galaxies
P24 L.S. PILYUGIN The effects of cluster environment on the chemical evolution of galaxies
P25 Francesca PRIMAS Boron Observations in Metal-Poor Stars
P26 Norbert PRZYBILLA Extragalactic stellar abundances: Oxygen in extreme A-type supergiants
P27 Katherine ROTH The z=1.6748 C I Absorber Toward the QSO PKS 1756+237
P28 Martin ROTH 2-dimensional optical spectrophotometry with PMAS
P29 Ulysses SOFIA The Interstellar Abundances of the S-process Elements Cadmium and Tin
P30 Eline TOLSTOY Constraints on chemical evolution of dwarf Irregular galaxies from colour-magntiude diagrams
P31 Griet VAN DE STEENE Abundance determination of New Planetary Nebulae close to the Galactic Center
P32 Ana de la VARGA Damped Lyman alpha systems at low redshift towards HE1122-1649 and HE0515-4414
P33 Joel VERNET The detection of the 2200 Angstrom dust feature in high redshift radio galaxies.
P34 Jeremy WALSH The Small-Scale Structure of the Orion Nebula - Evidence for the Presence of High Density Condensations
P36 Johannes REETZ NLTE study of oxygen abundances in solar-type stars