ESO Workshop on Cyclical Variability in Stellar Winds

Poster Program

The poster program is given in the following list, which is arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the workshop participant responsible for the poster. This person is indicated in bold face type and is usually (but not always) the first author. The number of the poster is also listed.

P01 Aringer et al. Variations of dust and molecular features in mass-losing AGB stars: A comparison between models and ISO observations
P02 Beskrovnaya Polarimetric study of cyclic phenomena in the circumstellar envelopes of the young Herbig Ae/Be stars
P03 Bouret et al. Nitrogen V in the wind of the pre-main sequence Herbig Ae star AB Aur
P04 Chochol et al. Variability in the wind of the FU Ori object Z CMa
P05 D'Angelo FU Orionis star wind
P06 De Jong & Henrichs Semi-empirical modelling of cyclical H alpha line profile variability in O stars
P07 Bisnovatyi-Kogan & Dorodnitsyn Outflowing envelopes from stars at arbitrary optical depths: A new approach
P08 Eversberg Time dependent spectropolarimetry: Gamma^2 Velorum and Zeta Puppis in all four Stokes parameters
P09 Foing et al. Status of the ESA-MUSICOS spectrograph at INT
P10 Frémat et al. Fundamental parameters for seven bright Be stars
P11 Gameiro Variability study of high resolution profiles in T Tauri stars
P12 Gauger et al. Temporal variations of CO infrared lines in cool star winds
P13 Gesicki & Schmidt Variable winds in yellow supergiants
P14 Schmidt & Gesicki Wind variability in the yellow hypergiant HR 8752
P15 Krygier, Gesicki et al. Wind variability in 89 Her
P16 Gomez de Castro et al. The UV variability of the T Tauri stars
P17 Strassmeier, Granzer, & Unruh Photometric monitoring of spotted T Tauri stars: First results from the University of Vienna APT
P18 Hojaev On circumstellar wind driving processes in PMS-star V1331 Cyg
P19 Hubert & Floquet Variability of Be stars with Hipparcos photometry
P20 Floquet & Hubert Associated changes in H alpha emission strength and lpv amplitude in the Be star EW Lac
P21 Hujeirat Accretion onto magnetic white dwarf: MHD simulation
P22 Hummel & Hanuschik Line formation in oscillating Be star disks
P23 Ignace et al. Using ISO to probe the acceleration of Wolf-Rayet winds
P24 Birk & Ikhsanov The origin of the relativistic wind from accreting stars
P25 Gonçalves, Jatenco-Pereira, et al. Formation of clumps in the winds of Wolf-Rayet stars by thermal instability and Alfven waves
P26 Kakouris & Moussas Analytical 2-D modelling for thermally plus radiatively driven stellar winds: Application to B type stars
P27 Katsova & Shcherbakov The activity cycle and interaction of stellar winds in Capella
P28 Kholtygin et al. Inhomogeneities in hot stars winds: spectra and scaling relations for line fluxes
P29 Kholtygin Using wavelets for processing MUSICOS data: new results
P30 Kolka Phase-shift between cyclical spectral parameters of P Cygni
P31 Kolka Long-term behaviour of variability cycles in P Cygni
P32 Koubský, Harmanec, Kubát, et al. Wind and jets in the Be star 4 Her
P33 Kundt The solar convection zone: A flux generator or modulator?
P34 Little-Marenin Variable dust emission observed in Miras
P35 McDavid Cyclic polarization variability of bright O stars
P36 Morel et al. Multiperiodic changes in the Wolf-Rayet star WR 134
P37 Negueruela Large perturbations in the envelopes of Be/X-ray binaries
P38 Niedzielski Wind variability in WR star HD 4004
P39 Nugis Clumping corrected mass-loss rates of WR stars in dependence of stellar parameters
P40 Okazaki Variabilities in Be-star disk in Be/X-ray binaries
P41 Oliveira et al. Flares and circumstellar material around the fast rotating giant FK Comae
P42 Özeren et al. Colliding wind effects on photometric observations of the massive binary u Herculis
P43 Pavlovski et al. Interrelation between long-term cycles and rapid variations in Be stars: photometric view
P44 Vinkovic & Pavlovski NRP in light and colour: diagnostic value
P45 Pogodin Spectroscopic investigations of cyclic variability in the gaseous envelopes of early-type emission line stars
P46 Pollock et al. An assessment of the need for a disk-like wind in WR 140
P47 Hack, Castelli, Polosukhina, et al. The variability of the spectrum of Beta CrB in the lithium region
P48 Runacres & Blomme Constraints on Clumping from the Infrared and Radio Continuum of Hot Stars
P49 Sapar, A. & Sapar, L. Expression of turbulence and variability of stellar wind in resonance line profiles
P50 Simis Simulations of dust-driven stellar winds
P51 Smith Strange spectral variability of DR Tau
P52 Stahl & Damineli Long-term spectroscopic variability of Eta Carinae
P53 Tambovtseva & Grinin Numerical modelling of anisotropic stellar winds in Herbig Ae/Be stars
P54 Van Gent NLTE departure coefficients of H and He in O-star and WR-star winds
P55 Verdugo Understanding A-type supergiants: stellar winds and mass loss
P56 Strassmeier, Weber, & Washuettl Line-profile variability in chromospherically active stars
P57 Weis et al. A kinematic study of the LBV nebula around Eta Carinae
P58 Windsteig et al. Variability of the dust envelope of C-rich AGB stars