Dear Colleagues,

The workshop is approaching rapidly! This final announcement is intended for people who are currently registered participants and contains important information concerning the following items:

Please take the time to read this material carefully, and contact us if there are any difficulties. In particular, please ensure that you have addressed all the items on the following check list:

  • If you have not submitted your accommodation form, please return it IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you have not submitted the abstract of your invited/contributed paper, please return it very quickly so that the abstract booklet can be completed.
  • Please inform us as soon as possible whether you (and your partner?) will attend the conference dinner on Thursday, October 16, at an additional cost of DM 60.
  • If you are presenting a poster paper, please remember to bring one transparency indicating the most important result of your poster.

Thanks for your attention to these details. The LOC is looking forward to a stimulating and productive workshop and to welcoming each of you in person to ESO/Garching soon.

With best wishes,
Lex Kaper
Alex Fullerton
Christina Stoffer

Registration Fee

The registration fee is DM 150, which includes a copy of the workshop proceedings. Please bring this amount with you for registration on Tuesday morning. We regret that credit cards cannot be accepted. Note that the registration fee does not include the cost of lunch, which will be available at the nearby Max Planck canteen for approximately DM 10 per meal.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the restaurant of the Olympia Turm (Olympic Tower), which is situated at a height of 181m and varies cyclically (but slowly) about the vertical axis of the tower. >From this vantage point, there is a beautiful view of the Alps (on a clear day), Munich, and the Olympia Park where the Olympic Games were held in the summer of 1972, almost exactly 25 years ago. The price for one person (including a three-course dinner and transportation to/from the Olympia Turm) will be DM 60, which is to be paid during registration. Please inform us as soon as possible whether you (and your partner) will attend the conference dinner.


In mid-September we will inform you about your hotel reservation and what the cost will be. All hotels we arrange for you are in Garching, and are within walking distance of each other. On the days of the workshop, a bus will be available to transfer you from the Maibaum (in the center of Garching) to and from ESO Headquarters. There is easy access to downtown Munich by bus and U-bahn.

Weather in October

Munich's weather in October is especially difficult to predict: it may be glorious and warm (16-20 C) during the day, but will probably be chilly at night. It can also be cool, soggy, and miserable during the day. To get a feel for this, you might like to check the weather conditions around Munich during the week before the workshop. In any case, it would be prudent to come prepared for a range of temperatures, and for the possibility of rainy weather.

Scientific Program

  1. Oral Program
    The current version of the oral program includes the contributed talks selected by the SOC. We have reserved:
    • 30+5 minutes for an invited review talk (R)
    • 20+5 minutes for an invited talk (I)
    • 13+2 minutes for a contributed paper (C)
    where "+X" indicates the time allotted for direct questions on the paper. Overhead projectors and a slide projector are available; speakers who require other equipment should discuss there needs with the LOC well in advance of the workshop.
  2. Poster Program
    Due to the large number of invited speakers, only a limited number of contributed papers could be scheduled as talks. All the remaining contributions have been scheduled as poster papers. The maximum poster size is 1x1 meter. The posters will be displayed in the room where we will have coffee breaks. During the poster session on Thursday afternoon, the authors are expected to be present for discussion.
  3. Abstract Booklet
    An abstract booklet is being prepared and will be available during registration (and perhaps earlier on the web pages).
  4. Moderated Discussions
    Note the scheduled Moderated Discussions . The panel chairmen are organizing an extended discussion on the topic of the session they chaired. This includes a brief overview, presented by them, of the relevant posters. For this purpose, the poster authors are asked to bring one transparency that highlights the most important result of their poster.
  5. Special MUSICOS Session (Saturday, 18 October)
    The special MUSICOS sessions on Saturday October 18 are open to all interested workshop participants.
  6. Please Remember
    We remind everyone that the workshop participants come from diverse backgrounds that include expertise in solar, cool-star, and hot-star physics. In order to obtain the desired level of "cross-fertilization", it will therefore be even more important than usual to introduce and motivate your specific presentation very carefully, without assuming much detailed background knowledge.

Workshop Proceedings

ESO now publishes its workshop proceedings in a Springer series with a format similar to "Lecture Notes in Physics". The LATEX macros can be obtained from the ESO ftp host ( Please note that you have to use the "SAVE AS" capabilities of your browser.

The following page limits have been allocated:

Invited review paper (R): 10 pages
Invited paper (I): 6 pages
Oral contributed paper (I): 4 pages
Poster paper (P): 1 page

The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for submission of papers is DECEMBER 1, 1997. Instructions about where to send your paper (and figures) will be provided during the workshop.