Visitor Focus

The Nasmyth A focus of UT1 is available for visitor instruments. However, the installation of the MOONS field corrector lens may impose limitations.

Visitor Instruments can provide a powerful scientific or technical test bench for new instrumental concepts, which may eventually be incorporated later in VLT or other instruments. Visitor Instruments are free from a substantial fraction of the requirements imposed on the fully automated VLT facility instruments.

Teams that want to propose the use of their Visitor Instruments should follow these instructions.

The technical requirements imposed by ESO on Visitor Instruments are available here.  See also our Gallery.

Past Visitor Instruments:

November 2005
June 2007
Ultra-fast Movies of the Sky
DAZLE November 2006
January 2008
APE December 2008, February 2009 Active Phasing Experiment (APE) for the ELT