Published papers involving CRIRES

Science verification

Selected science results

CRIRES can be used for a variety of science. A handful of science cases with published work are outlined below.

Exoplanet atmospheres

Snellen et al. (2010) found indications of CO in emission from the exoplanet orbiting HD 209458. The measurement is very difficult.

Exoplanet radial velocities

Bean et al (2010) used a visitor gas cell and Figuera et al (2010) telluric lines to obtain radial velocity accuracies of <10 m/s of stars with exoplenets. Both papers postulate that some RV variations seen in the optical are caused by starspots and not planets.

Methane and CO on Triton

CRIRES undertook one of the first observations since Voyager in 1989 and obtained the first detection of CO in the atmosphere of Triton. Seasonal variability was discovered. See Lellouch et al. (2010).

Spectro-astrometry of protoplanetary discs

Pontoppidan et al. (2008) used spectro-astrometry of CO at 4.7 microns to obtain the position angle of the inner disc of protoplanetary discs with a spatial resolution of less than 1 Astronomical Unit.

Stellar abundances

Johnsson et al. (2011) used the near-infrared line of Sulphur to study stellar abundances in the halo.


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