CRIRES Documentation

In this page, you will find all the manuals needed to prepare and analyze your observations with CRIRES. Please be sure to download that corresponding to the period in which the observations will take place.

Note that CRIRES was removed from UT1 in July 2014 for an upgrade (new detectors, cross-disperser, calibration sources). It was not offered from P94 onwards. The instrument is now back on the NasB platform of UT3 but comissioning is still pending. It is hoped to offer the upgraded instrument in P107.

All the manuals are in Adobe's Acrobat format.

  • CRIRES User's Manual

All the information about the instrument itself, its modes and their characteristics:

  • CRIRES data reduction frequently asked questions
      A list of Frequently Asked Questions on data reduction is also available
  • CRIRES descriptions
    • Description of the original CRIRES Käufl et al. 2004, SPIE 5492, 1218 - should be referenced in all CRIRES publications
    • Description of the CRIRES upgrade project Dorn, R.J. et al., ESO Messenger, 2014, 156, p7 - should be refererenced in CRIRES publications with data taken after 2020.
    • Description of the MACAO used for CRIRES Paufiqué et al. 2004, SPIE 5490, 216
    • The original CRIRES InSb megapixel focal plane array detector mosaic Dorn et al. 2006, SPIE 5499, 510
  • CRIRES useful information
  • Other useful documents
    • Interpixel capacitance in large format CMOS hybrid arrays Finger et al. 2006, SPIE 6276, 62760F