Registration Deadline: 20 December 2022

The programme will be posted beginning of May.

Program Overview

Day 1 - Monday Jan. 9
14:30 Registration
15:00 Welcome & Introduction, by F. Guglielmetti & A. Mérand
  Session Title Author
15:15 Intro
Imaging History For Sub-mm Interferometry U. Rao Venkata
15:55 Intro Imaging History For Optical Interferometry J.B. Berger
16:35 Coffee Break
17:05 Intro Discussion
18:00   Bier & Pretzel & Cheese Welcome Reception E-Foyer new building
Day 2 - Tuesday Jan. 10
  Tuesday Morning Session
  Session Title Author
09:00 Machine Learning Intro G. Longo
09:40 Machine Learning CASSINI-Automap J. Sanchez Bermudez
10:05 Machine Learning ORGANIC J. Kluska
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Machine Learning Deep Learning Pipeline M. Delli Veneri
11:25 Machine Learning Discussion
12:30 Catered Lunch in Foyer Telescopium Auditorium (in front of ESO main  Reception)
  Tuesday Afternoon Session
  Session Title Author
14:00 Traditional Imaging POLCA and OImaging F. Soulez
14:25 Traditional Imaging CASA D. Petry
14:50 Traditional Imaging GILDAS S. Bardeau
15:15 Traditional Imaging SQUEEZE F. Baron
15:40 Coffee Break
16:10 Traditional Imaging Discussion
Day 3 - Wednesday Jan. 11
  Wednesday Morning Session
  Session Title Author
09:00 Morphology Fitting PMOIRED A. Mérand
09:25 Morphology Fitting uvmultifit S. Muller
09:50 Morphology Fitting Forward modelling tools for interferometric data M. Hogerheijde
10:15 Morphology Fitting RHAPSODY J. Drevon
10:40 Coffee Break and Workshop Group Photo
11:10 Morphology Fitting Discussion
12:30 Lunch in Max-Planck-Canteen  (self paid)
  Wednesday Afternoon Session
  Session Title Author
14:00 Information Filed Theory Information field theory for radio astronomy T. Enßlin
14:40 Information Field Theory NIFTy P. Frank
15:05 Information Field Theory Imaging the Galactic Centre with GRAVITY J. Stadler
15:30 Information Field Theory Direction (and time) dependent self-calibration with IFT J. Roth
15:55 Coffee Break    
16:25 Information Field Theory RESOLVE Applied to ALMA L. Tychoniec
16:50 Information Field Theory RESOLVE Applied to VLBI J. Knollmüller
17:15 Information Field Theory Discussion
19:00 Workshop dinner Garching Augustiner Restaurant (self paid)
Day 4 - Thursday Jan. 12
  Thursday Morning Session
  Session Title Author
09:00 Tools and methods TP2VIS P. Teuben
09:25 Tools and methods Assessment of imaging quality and parametric modelling I. Marti-Vidal
09:50 Tools and methods Blind Search With Matched Filters N. Hayatsu
10:15 Tools and methods SupReMo: A sparse view of early cluster evolution L. Di Mascolo
10:40 Coffee Break    
11:10 Tools and methods Regularized Maximum Likelihood Imaging Techniques for ALMA Protoplanetary Disk Observations B. Zawadzki
11:35 Tools and methods Discussion