The conference is scheduled to take place online (as a Zoom meeting), for 5 hours each day of the program.

We anticipate the live program to start at 1 pm CEST and finish at 6 pm CEST.

Besides invited review talks and lectures, the conference will include contributed talks and time allocated for discussions and social interactions.

The conference will have dedicated breakout groups on Slack to foster discussions and post files. We anticipate discussion on Slack to start one week before the conference.



Monday, 23.08.2021 (Hands-on Training)
13:00 Welcome & Introduction Jiří Žák
    SESSION 1 -- Chair: Jiří Žák
13:05 Elyar Sedaghati
Telluric correction of spectra with MOLECFIT                                   Materials: GitHub
13:50 Emily Rickman & Elyar Sedaghati
Transmission & Emission spectroscopy from spectrophotometric and direct imaging observations                                                                                     Materials Transmission: GitHub                                                                  Materials Emission: GitHub
15:00 Tea break  
    SESSION 2 -- Chair: Camilla Danielski
15:20 Núria Casasayas-Barris & Julia Seidel Narrowband transmission spectroscopy from high resolution spectra  DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5510669                                                                     Materials: GitHub
16:30 Matteo Brogi & Jens Hoeijmakers High resolution transmission spectroscopy using the Cross-Correlation technique                                                                                                 Materials: GitHub
18:00 End of Day 1  
Tuesday, 24.08.2021 (Hands-on Training)
    SESSION 3 -- Chair: Núria Casasayas-Barris
13:00 Chloe Fisher & Siddharth Gandhi Atmospheric interpretation from cross correlation maps                         Materials: GitHub
14:20 Eleonora Alei & Evert Nasedkin petitRADTRANS, low and high resolution forward models, retrievals from low resolution spectra                                                                                           Materials: GitHub
15:40 Tea break  
    SESSION 4 -- Chair: Julia V. Seidel
16:10 Ryan MacDonald & Natasha Batalha Theoretical atmospheric models (Radiative transfer, cross sections, line lists, etc.)                                                                                                     Materials: GitHub
18:00 End of Day 2
Wednesday, 25.08.2021 (Conference)
13:00 Welcome & introduction   Elyar Sedaghati
  SESSION 5  -- Chair: Elyar Sedaghati     recordings
13:10 Julia Seidel
Invited Talk Narrow-band transmission spectroscopy from high dispersion spectra (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5512840
13:50 Henrik Melin Invited Talk The upper atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune                  (slides)
14:30 James Head   Exoplanets in Our Backyard: What Can We Learn from the Terrestrial Planetary Bodies?  (slidesDOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548117
14:50 Emma Esparza-Borges   Retrieving the transmission spectrum of HD209458b using CHOCOLATE: a new Chromatic DT Technique (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5343973
15:10 Tea Break    
      SESSION 6  -- Chair: Chloe Fisher     recordings
15:40 Katy Chubb Invited Talk Using a variety of molecules in exoplanet atmosphere retrievals (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548127
16:20 Aurelien Falco   Transmission spectra of multi-dimensional atmospheric simulations: computation and applications (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5544537
16:40 Yassin Jaziri   Developing a 3D generic photochemical-GCM. Transit spectroscopy simulation and observability  (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5235491
17:00 Tea Break                                                         recordings
17:20 Evert Nasedkin   Four-of-a-kind: Characterising the HR 8799 system with GRAVITY  (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548107
17:40 Xinting Yu   How to identify exoplanet surfaces: without directly seeing them? (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548073
18:00 End of Day 3
Thursday, 26.08.2021 (Conference)
  SESSION 7  -- Chair: Siddharth Gandhi                   recordings
13:00 Aurora Kesseli
Invited Talk Metal oxides and hydrides in exoplanet atmospheres (slides)
13:40 Matteo Brogi
Invited Talk Measuring abundances from high-resolution cross correlation spectroscopy (HRCCS)  (slides   DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5544550
14:20 Bibiana Prinoth   Interpreting Detections of Metals in the Transmission Spectra of Ultra-hot Jupiters
14:50 Engin Keles   High-resolution transmission spectroscopy of the super-Earth 55 Cnc e (slides)    recording DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5544544
15:10 Tea Break    
      SESSION 8  -- Chair: Ryan MacDonald                  recordings
15:40 Stefan Pelletier   Where is the Water? Jupiter-like C/H ratio but strong H2O depletion found on tau Boo b using SPIRou.  (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548123
16:00 Eva-Maria Ahrer   LRG-BEASTS: sodium absorption and Rayleigh slope in the atmosphere of WASP-94Ab using NTT/EFOSC2  (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5544521
16:20 Tea Break                                                                           recordings
16:40 Néstor Espinoza Invited Talk Constraining mornings & evenings on distant worlds: state-of-the-art and future prospects (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548059
17:20 Surangkhana Rukdee   A Fabry Perot Instrument for Oxygen Searches in Exoplanet Atmospheres  (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548092
17:40 Kazumasa Ohno   Aerosols in escaping atmospheres: Implications for Transmission Spectra and Origin of Super-puffs  (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548082
18:00 End of Day 4
Friday, 27.08.2021 (Conference)
  SESSION 9  -- Chair: Elyar Sedaghati                recordings
13:00 Neale Gibson Invited Talk From cross-correlations to likelihoods: a fully Bayesian approach to high-resolution retrievals (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548041
13:40 David Cont   Detection of Fe and evidence for TiO in the dayside emission spectrum of WASP-33b (slides)
14:00 Alejandro Sanchez-Lopez   Spatial characterization of the trailing and leading limbs of WASP-76b: Detection of H2O and HCN. (slides)
14:20 Stevanus Kristianto Nugroho   OH on the day-side of an ultra hot jupiter, WASP-33b (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5544525
14:40 Vatsal Panwar
  Novel methods to probe exoplanet atmospheres using ground based spectrophotometry (slides)
15:00 Tea Break    
      SESSION 10  -- Chair: Emily Rickman                recordings
15:25 Rebekkah Dawson Invited Talk Origins of Hot Jupiters (slides) DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5544529
16:05 Joost Wardenier   Understanding the iron absorption signal of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76b with 3D modelling methods (slides)
16:25 Tea Break                                                                         recordings
16:40 Theodora Karalidi Invited Talk Modelling the spectra of brown dwarfs and planets    (slides)             DOI:10.5281/zenodo.5338267
17:20 Paulina Palma-Bifani   Atmospheres of massive planets and brown dwarfs as clue to distinguish between formation mechanisms (slidesDOI:10.5281/zenodo.5548100
17:40 Callie Hood   High-Precision Abundances for Substellar Atmospheres: Medium Resolution Retrieval of a T9 Dwarf (slides)
18:00 Closing Remarks    
18:00 End of Day 5