Programme Schedule

We have planned a series of lectures, visits and activites throughout the programme. The anticipated schedule is given here. There is also a google calendar with this information here.

1 July

09:30     Reception

Arrival of students at ESO


12:00-13:00     Outside Telescopium

Welcome Lunch

This event is for students and advisors only.


13:00-14:00     Telescopium

Welcome Workshop

All welcome!


13:00 - 14:00 :

* Introduction from students

* Brief overview of projects by advisors

14:00 - 14:10 : Greetings by Director General Xavier Barcons (from La Silla)

14:10 - 14:30: Introduction to ESO by Marina Rejkuba

14:30 - 15:00: Practical information and logistics by Programme Coordinators Carlo Manara and Chris Harrison

2 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: The Cosmic Distance Scale: From the Sun to the CMB

Richard Anderson


16:30-18:00     Meeting point: ESO Reception

Planetarium Show

Chris Harrison

This event will take place in the ESO Supernova, but we will first meet at reception in the main building and walk over together. Please be prompt!

3 July

13:00-13:30     Pictor (E.231)

Telecon into Paranal

Anita Zanella

4 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: Ground-Based Gamma-Ray Astronomy

Foteini Oikonomou

8 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: Principles and Prospects of Numerical Simulations in Astrophysics

Jérémy Fensch

9 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: The Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI)

Antoine Mérand

11 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: Proper Motions: How and Why?

Laura Watkins

15 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: The Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA)

Martin Zwaan

16 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: Gigantic black holes in galaxies: a love-hate relationship

Dominika Wylezalek

18 July

09:30-10:30     Fornax

Lecture: ESO's Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

Suzanne Ramsay

22 July

16:30-17:30     Meeting Point: Cafeteria

Visit to ELT M1 test stand

Coordinator: Remco van der Burg

30 July

15:00-16:00     Fornax

Lecture: The Solar System

Rosita Kokotanekova

1 August

14:00-14:30       Fornax

Preparing and Delivering a Scientific Talk

Anna Miotello

8 August

09:45-12:30     Telescopium

Farewell Workshop

All welcome! The students will present the research carried out at ESO with 15 minutes long talks, followed by 5 minutes to ask questions.


09:45-09:55: Introduction to the Farewell Workshop

09:55-10:15: Marta Nowotka: Caught in the act: witnessing the formation of the most massive galaxy clusters across the cosmic time

10:15-10:35: Tania Machado: Preparing for the Extremely Large Telescope: how will high-redshift star-forming galaxies appear with HARMONI?

10:35-10:55: Matthew Wilkinson: Dark matter content of galaxies from globular cluster kinematics

10:55-11:15: Aisha Bachmann: Understanding the formation mechanism of galaxies at their (ghostly) extremes

11:15-11:30: COFFEE BREAK

11:30-11:50: Samuel Ward: Modulated variability: a new window into stellar pulsations

11:50-12:10: Francesco Zagaria: Testing evolution mechansisms of planet forming disks

12:10-12:30: Abbie Donaldson: Comet evolution: from the Kuiper Belt to a dormant comet in the near-Earth asteroid population


12:30     Outside Telescopium

Farewell Catered Lunch

All welcome, but it is intended that those who attend the lunch also attend the workshop beforehand.