Information for Speakers



  • We intend to provide an abstract booklet. If you have not yet submitted an abstract or wish to provide a modified version of your already submitted abstract, please send it by Monday February 19 to

  • Presentations should be either in pdf, or in PowerPoint format (we use Microsoft Office 365); the name of the file should be <your last name>_<keyword of the title of your talk>.pdf/ppt/pptx.

  • Presentations should be made available to the IT contact person in the conference room by 08:30 for morning presentations and 13:30 for afternoon ones.

  • We intend to make presentations available in zenodo (you will be contacted later about this):

    If you wish to provide an edited version, it should be made available to us by March 17.

  • We intend to record all talks and discussion and make them also available through zenodo together with the talks.

  • Time slots for each talks correspond to:
    • invited talk: 25 min for presentation + 5 min for questions,
    • contributed talk: 15 min for presentation + 5 min for questions,
    • blackboard talk: 3 min for presentation + 1 question
    • Bridge talk: 50 min to be distributed between the two speakers + 10 min of question/discussion
  • When preparing your talk, please remember that this workshop is meant to connect Solar System and Exoplanet science, so please keep that in mind during your presentation