Social Activities

 We will have several social events throughout the week including:


  • Sunday 4th March: Cocktail reception at the ESO office in Vitacura, from 17:00 - 19:30 hr.

  • Tuesday 6th March: Afternoon tour to Veramonte, a local vineyard.

    Around 16:00, we will leave the ESO premises to visit a local vineyard, located at 75 km from Santiago, where we will tour the grounds, sample some of the local wine and participate in a wine blending experience in groups of 4-5 persons.
    This activity is not included in the conference fee, and so interest should be indicated either before February 28 by sending an email to or at the latest at registration. 
    The cost will be: 60€ or CLP 45.000 or USD$75.00 and the fee will be collected at registration time, on March 4th.
    The duration of the activity is 90 min. and the bus can take up to 40 participants.
    We should be back in Santiago - ESO Office - by 19:30 hr.

  • Thursday 8th March: Conference dinner at Observatorio Roan Jase.

    A traditional chilean "barbecue" (with vegetarian options) plus welcome cocktail, coffee and dessert at the Observatorio y Parque Astronomico Roan Jase in Cajon del Maipo (at 60 km from Santiago).  A talk about ancient astronomy in Chile is included (Cosmologia Mapuche) and there will also be a 'star party' where small telescopes can be used to observe the starry night.
    This event is included in the conference fee, so not to be missed!
    Two buses will leave ESO around 17:00 and will return around 22:00 to the same place.
    Additional guests: 25€ or CLP$20.000 or USD$30.00