Preliminary Programme

Wednesday, 31 January
09:00 B. Leibundgut
09:10 S. Antier
GW observations
S. Smartt Optical/NIR observations
M.G. Bernardini
X-ray observations
10:30 R. Diehl
Gamma-ray observations
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:15 M. Rejkuba ESO observations
11:30 P. Kretschmar Observations with INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton as seen from Operations
11:45 A. Jerkstrand What do we expect
    Past GRBs
12:15 N. Tanvir
ESO contributions to GRB science - lessons learned
12:35 Lunch break  
    Ongoing GW follow-up projects
14:00 A. Levan
14:20 M.T. Botticella ePESSTO
14:40 E. Palazzi
15:00 J. Chen GROND
15:20 D. Steeghs GOTO
15:30 M. Boer TAROT
    Future projects
15:40 P. Groot BlackGEM
16:00 S. Campana SOXS
16:20 U. Feindt ZTF
16:30 Tea break  
16:45   Discussion
17:30 End  
Thursday, 1 February
    Future observations
09:00 M. Branchesi
VIRGO next science runs
    ESO P101 proposals
09:30 E. Pian Optical/NIR follow-up
P. D'Avanzo Optical/NIR follow-up
10:10 S. Covino Polarimetry
10:30 A. Grado VST
10:50 Coffee Break  
11:15 E. Kuulkers INTEGRAL detection capabilities, reaction & policies
11:35 N. Schartel XMM-Newton follow-up programme and policies
11:55 J.-U. Ness Coordination involving space observatories
12:15 A. Ibarra and R. Saxton   VisTAP/ObsTAP services & SciApp to improve coordination
12:35 Lunch break  
14:00   Discussion/Collaboration
16:00 End of workshop

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