REGISTRATION: Monday, 6 March 2017, 12:00-13:30

Programme Overview

Day 1, School, 6 March (afternoon)
13:00   Registration (in front of ESO Auditorium Telescopium)
14:00 A. Mérand Welcome
14:15 A. Mérand Principles of Optical Interferometry [PDF]
15:15 C. Cid / X. Haubois / A. Pino The VLTI [PDF] [PDF]
16:15   Coffee break
16:45 A. Mérand Data modeling and interpretation [PDF]
17:30    adjourn
Day 2, School, 7 March
09:00 M. Wittkowski Observations constraints [PDF]
09:15 M. Wittkowski
ESO preparation tools
10:15 F. Millour JMMC preparation tools
11:15   Coffee break
11:45 M. Wittkowski
How to make OBs with P2PP
12:30   Lunch
14:30 C. Hummel Gravity Data reduction
16:00   Coffee break
16:30 X. Haubois Tools to manipulate OIFITS [PDF]

Day 3, School (morning)/ VLTI Community Days (afternoon) 8 March
09:00 K.-H. Hofmann Image reconstruction: IRBIs [PDF]
10:30   Coffee break
10:45 J. Sanchez Image reconstruction: BSMEM, Squeeze
12:00   End of the school
13:00   Registration to the Community Days (in front of ESO Auditorium Telescopium)
14:00 A. Mérand Welcome
14:15 F. Gonté  The VLTI upgrade: STS, CIAO, etc. [PDF]
14:45 J. Woillez Upcoming upgrades: NAOMI, Gra4MAT [PDF]
15:00 A. Pino / X. Haubois VLTI Operations today [PDF]
15:30 F. Eisenhauer First Light of GRAVITY 
16:00   Coffee Break
16:20 O. Pfuhl Astrometry with GRAVITY 
16:35 J.-B. Lebouquin  The microquasar SS 433 resolved by VLTI/GRAVITY
16:50 I. Waisberg Sub-milliarcsecond Optical Interferometry of HMXBs with VLTI/GRAVITY: The cases of BP Cru
17:05 S. Kraus Disc structure in a high-mass protobinary system
17:20 O. Straub GRAVITY prospects for GR physics [PDF]
17:35 R. Brunngraeber

Variability of protoplanetary disks as seen by MIDI and the second Gen. instrument Matisse
18:00   Beer and Brezn (in front of ESO Auditorium Telescopium)
Day 4, VLTI Community Days, 9 March
09:00 B. Lopez / Ph. Berio  MATISSE Update
09:30 M. Wittkowski Improving imaging / time monitoring programs scheduling [PDF]
09:50 A. Mérand Extending the u,v capabilities of VLTI [PDF]
10:10 G. Duvert The Jean-Marie Mariotti Center in 2017 [PDF]
10:30   Coffee break
11:00-12:00   Discussion: how to make the best scientific use of the VLTI as it is now?
12:00   Lunch
13:30 C. Paladini The VLTI/MIDI view on the inner mass loss of evolved stars from the Herschel MESS sample [PDF]
13:45 M. Montarges About the angular diameter of red supergiant stars [PDF]
14:00 J.-P. Berger Protoplanetary discs structure at the astronomical unit scale: the PIONIER-VLTI view.
14:15 R. Klement VLTI, CHARA, and NPOI measurements of the classical Be star beta Cmi
14:30 H. Boffin Interferometry shows binary nature of the Luminous Blue Variable HR Car
14:45 G. Weigelt Aperture-synthesis imaging of Eta Car’s wind-collision zone with a spectral resolution of 12000
15:00 J. Sanchez GRAVITY early results: Multiplicity of massive stars and Eta Car imaging
15:15   Coffee break, (Group Photo)
15:45 L. Burtscher GRA4MAT and the next steps for AGN research with the VLTI [PDF]
16:00 J.-U. Pott The future of Interferometry in Europe (EII working group report)
16:20 A. Mérand The VLTI Road Map
16:40   discussion
Day 5, VLTI Community Days, 10 March (morning)
    The future: Visitor Instruments, new science cases etc.
9:00 G. van Belle NPOI: Visible light operations, Upgrades
9:15 F. Millour Science cases for a visible instrument
9:30 F. Millour Concept(s) for a visible instrument [PDF]
9:45 R. Petrov Hierarchical Fringe Tracking and the ultimate VLTI sensitivity
10:00 L. Labadie The potential of 3-5 microns integrated optics for multi-telescope interferometry at the VLTI
10:15 O. Absil Hi-5: a high dynamic range thermal near-infrared imager for the VLTI
10:30   Coffee Break
10:45   Wrap up and final discussion
13:00    EII Science Council Meeting (for members)